A great body of work for Abbotsford body painter Eva Rinaldi

A great body of work for Abbotsford body painter Eva Rinaldi - 24th June 2013
(Inner West Courier)

Abbotsford local Eva Rinaldi is the artist and founder of Human Statue Bodyart; with model
Victoria Gordeets. Picture: Daniel Aarons Source: NewsLocal


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EVA Rinaldi can turn you into a tree, a lion or a statue. But never fear, there is no sorcery here, it is all done with paint and a brush.

Ms Rinaldi has been using humans as her canvas at her Abbotsford-based body painting business Human Statue Bodyart for more than a decade. She said it all began when her son was born 16 years ago.

She said she had previous experience as a make-up artist and began face-painting children at events.

"I was face painting and I was asked if I could paint a model for a magazine. It grew from there," she said.

Having never studied or practised art in the traditional sense, she said her work was an extension of her experience as a make-up artist - creatively using the face and eventually the whole body as her blank canvas throughout the transformation.

Ms Rinaldi says she goes through about 20 litres of body paint a week.


Eva Rinaldi has worked as a make-up artist with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Lady Ga Ga, Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman

Email: bodyartist@bigpond.com or phone 9713 8933.

*Media Man note: Eva Rinaldi has also worked on celebrities such as Usher Raymond and Jessica Sterling