Avatar mystery building up in Sydney suburbs with Eva Rinaldi: News media companies start probe

Avatar mystery building up in Sydney suburbs with Eva Rinaldi; News media companies start probe, by Greg Tingle


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A new mystery has struck Sydney's suburbs, stretching from Bondi Beach out to Marrickville and beyond, which has people from all walks of life wondering where the lovable creatures will strike next.

It was film producer / director James Cameron who introduced the world to 'Avatar' in 2009, however sources close to Cameron and News Limited owned 20th Century Fox deny any responsibly for the "rebel" avatar phenom to hit Sydney streets.

Marketing and media insiders have noted however that the "knock off" Avatar's have a habit of showing up whenever bodypainter and artist Eva Rinaldi and one or two of her photographic team are around.

In this month alone the rebel 'Avatar' creatures have been seen and photographed at Bondi Beach (alongside the graffiti art wall), the Sydney Opera House, Abbotsford and most recently, Marrickville (Skid Row Radio).

Judging upon appearance the mysterious Avatar's are neither the work of amateurs, however they are not quite ready to insert right into a Cameron production either.

A source who claims to be close to the rebel Avatar's leaked that they are quite likely creations of Sydney based artist Eva Rinaldi, who perhaps not by coincidence has also embarked on a national - international campaign to bodypaint and / or create a human statue of Oprah Winfrey.

The leak said "I'm pretty sure its Eva Rinaldi behind this publicity stunt - ambush marketing effort of sorts. She's very clever. You will note that there's no branding on her bodypainted creations, unlike the Barvaria beer happening at the World Cup. She seems to have her heart in the right place and its not a blatant brand knock off or anything else that is likely to get her in hot water on the legal front. It's actually very clever and talented work and marketing, and she looks to have created an international marketing and media campaign on a shoestring budget. I'm pretty sure had something to do with the Sydney Opera House 'John Travolta' shenanigans last weekend on the open day also. By plugging into major events she's generating national and worldwide publicity, and I think it may even be assisting the official Tourism Australia and Oprah Winfrey media campaigns also. Her campaign, if its hers of course, is likely to spark a number of copy cat artists, and I think that may have already happened. If one further researches Eva Rinaldi you come across Human Statue Bodyart on the internet, and there's a number of photos, articles and even blog entries that further suggest she is the mastermind behind these Avatar phenoms".

Thus far both the official Avatar franchise and the mystery Avatar's have received largely balanced and positive news media coverage.

James Cameron's Avatar recently announced that they will be doing a trilogy, and something tells us that Rinaldi and co conspirators are also well aware of that fact.

Readers, if you happen to spot any of the rebel Avatar's in your neighborhood please make contact with both local authorities and us immediately. No one has offered any reward money to date, however an anonymous legal eagle did suggest that if the outbreak of the new breed of Avatar's become too much of a problem that reward money may be offered.

Rinaldi or her Human Statue Bodyart enterprise is understood to have not entered any marketing or media awards this year, but judging upon her recent efforts we think most certainly that she should throw her colourful hat in the ring.

At the time of publication a media leak suggested that Rinaldi and / or the rebel Avatars, will also be covered in suburban Sydney newspaper, Northern District Times, published by the Cumberland Newspaper Group.

In the meantime entertainment and media commentators have suggested to enjoy the ride, as its unlikely to last forever, however with that said, Rinaldi and friends are understood to always remain one or two steps ahead of the thought police, adding media tycoon Richard Branson, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman and rock gods KISS to her 'To Do - To Paint' list. Rinaldi if you're out there, and I think you are, I See You!


Sydney Opera House Open Day Gets Visual And Musical Surprise with Kat Ferguson and Eva Rinaldi, by Greg Tingle - 24th October 2010

Today was the special one off open day for the famed Sydney icon - the Sydney Opera ("Oprah") House.

Approximately 50,000 lined up to get an insiders look at "The House", and the wet weather was no deterrent.

Attendees were treated to an unexpected (but largely very welcome) unscheduled happening and performance by Eva Rinaldi and her Human Statue Bodyart troupe, passionately campaigning to bodypaint and create a human statue of Oprah Winfrey and friends, rain, hail or shine.

Rinaldi, who has let it been known the world over of her wish to to paint Oprah and friends, pulled out all the stops today, even securing singer - songwriter sensation, Kat Ferguson, who co wrote 'If I Could Have One Wish' with Kay Fallico.

The seemingly impromptu and unscheduled performance drew considerable attention by visitors, news media and security, who hung on every word. In a curious twist, famed Bondi Beach photographer Peter Carrette appeared out of the middle of nowhere, just as he did last weekend at Bondi, and appeared to get the cream of the photographic opportunities, flanked by up and coming "pap" Marek Jezierski. Both paps seemed to have better information on the surprise and were more up to speed than the official Sydney Opera House security team, who were largely warm and inviting to Rinaldi's creative surprises.

Numerous passes by picked up on some of the lyrics that included "I feel a masterpiece unfolding, beneath this paintbrush that I'm holding...Dear Oprah please be brave, cause every coin I raise, will make this world a better place." Even some of Rinaldi's bodypainted models and human statues started singing and dancing, including her very own 'John Travolta Qantas Pilot' (Martin Vadam) and Taaleah Jezierski ('Statue Of Liberty'), Benjamin Cao (Australia reptile) and Jillian Bachara ('BBW Beach Babe'). 'John Travolta' caught the eyes and heart of a bush swag of Japanese tourists who were overheard to say "John's hot stuff", and "Trovolta" responded in kind with a few dance moves, flex or his pecs and a tip of his captain's hat. Others were also heard to shout out "Where's Tom" (Cruise), and chatting about Gail, Russell, Hugh and Jack Thompson was also picked up by news media technical equipment.

The open day proved to be a big hit with both Aussies, tourists, news media, celebrities et al, and no doubt the day further warmed up Australians for both official and paid performances at "The House" as well as the pending arrival of Winfrey and friends in December.

Yes folks, Australia still has "Oprah Fever", regardless of whatever spelling or connotation you choose, and media leaks advise that Rinaldi and some of her inner circle will be campaigning again tomorrow at "people power" news media mainstay, 'Joy's World' as seen on TVS.

We have to hand it to Tourism Australia, Sydney Opera House, Eva Rinaldi and all news media and performers involved... they have really got it right this time, and the surge of campaigning has appeared to put a shot in the arm of Australia's recently struggling tourism sector, and the buzz around Sydney's cafes and water coolers has to be heard to be believed. Well done Australia, you are once again showing 'The World' how its done. One last thing... "Let's Paint Oprah!"

*Greg Tingle is a friend and associate of Eva Rinaldi



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