Beckham. David Beckham. Could he be the new Bond?

Beckham. David Beckham. Could he be the new Bond? - 7th September 2015


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Could 40-year-old former Manchester United and Real Madrid star soccer player David Beckham be the next James Bond?

Beckham has been trying out his acting chops recently, appearing alongside Harvey Keitel in a short film called Outlaws and speaking a few lines in a Guy Ritchie film, Knights of the Roundtable.

As for a his future in a Bond role, he hasn’t ruled it out, according to a British tabloid report that has been widely repeated.

At any rate, it appears Beckham may have a few more years to develop his acting. Current Bond actor Daniel Craig, 47, had been rumored to be ready to hang up his 007 identity, but recent reports indicate he will continue playing Bond until 2020. That means one more movie after Spectre, which will be released in the United States in November 2015.