Beer and bitcoin - 6th October 2017

Beer and bitcoin - 6th October 2017

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by Carolyn Cummins

Drinkers who enjoy the odd bet have another option when they're at the pub, aside the horses or the pokies.

Now, they can put their hard-earned money it into the crypto-currency Bitcoin while they're having a quiet schooner.

A handful of crypto-currency ATMs are starting to appear more frequently, but CBD couldn't help but notice where payment company BitPOS decided to put its first Bitcoin ATM : a watering hole in Sydney, the Metropolitan Hotel.

The machine will allow patrons, with the help of an app, to buy the crypto-currency, which many believe is well into bubble territory after ballooning to more than US$4200 for a single Bitcoin.

As far as we're aware, it's the first drinking hole to offer the service.

One of the founders, Jason Williams, says putting the machine in the pub is an attempt to bring cryptocurrencies out of the tech world, and into the mainstream (the pub also accepts payments in Bitcoin).

With the benefit of hindsight, putting some money into Bitcoin a few years would certainly have been a better move than playing the pokies.

(The Sydney Morning Herald)