Bondi Beach App launch party bursts the bubble on Australia's most famous beach

Bondi Beach App launch party bursts the bubble on Australia's most famous beach, by Greg Tingle - April 2016

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As you may have heard on the grapevine, it was a heck of a great launch part for the Bondi Bubble App crew, friends and associates, which took place at the celebrated Bavarian Bier Cafe on Campbell Pde.

We received the invite via long term friends in the business. We knew it was going to be good, but this launch party was off the charts. A professional dancer entertained for the duration of the event, and she most certainly knew how to blow bubbles, as the 100s of photographs floating around can attest to. Dozens of local and not so locals worked the media wall (thank you ladies), and of course a few of the Bondi Rescue boys were working it, and not by coincidence plenty of Bondi Lifeguard MOJO Downunder calenders were available for "gold coin" donation. The music and vibe was world class, as you come to expect from Bondi, and the drinks were flowing, and there were bubbles a plenty.

It was an awesome party, with an abundance of style element, backed up behind significant substance and smarts of the masterminds behind Sydney's hottest app to hit the internet.

Enter Sara Vieira (aka Bubbles), a businesswoman of the highest calibre, who sure knows how to party, and definitely put on one for the ages this past Thursday. Viera is well versed in disciplines such a UX, mobile telephony, and TKD (Taekwondo), which may come in handy should she need to wrestle the best deals out of clients and associates, which have been beating down her door since news broke of her latest and greatest business venture. Sara thought of the idea while she was in L.A and missing Bondi.

Sara said "In 2014, I was in LA and scored a major gig. The plan was to stay, (but) I missed Bondi every day... the beach, the people, the dolphins, the parties and the sunrises! I wished there was an app where I could find out everything happening in Bondi with a touch of the button. So the idea was born!”

Back to what the app offers, it's got plenty of news, information and promotions across Events, Dining, Beach Safety, Photos, Shopping, and many more offerings are in the pipeline. If there's some great deals floating around Bondi, this baby can help you find the best of the best. You can also vote on Bondi Hotties, be it the ladies, dogs and pets, great things to do, and you get the idea.

The app's intuitive design and UX are typical of Sara's work. With over 16 years in UX design and digital media working with some of the big names including ABC, CBS, Disney, DreamWorks, Fairfax Media, FOX, NRMA, Sony Pictures and Saatchi & Saatchi, Sara has given Bondi Bubble all the features of an innovative, game-changing app for iTunes and Android.

Local businesses and supporters of the super impressive app include Bondi Radio, Bavarian Bier Cafe, Start:Cue, Red Bull, AB Australia, Partistaff, Ninanovart , Palma Design and Hawkers sunnies, Brazilian Flirtig and AdPro Management Group. MOJO Downunder continues to get plenty of buzz with this venture, as does Gold's Gym, Agent Costume and the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards.

Back to the media wall, which we had too much fun at, Shira Wosnick got the Media Man's vote for Best Dress, Nina Norden was 'Most Artistic" (this artists work is exceptional and she was such a sport), and I think its fair to give Sara the nod for 'Best Bondi Beach Party For The Month".

It wasn't just a roaring party of what looked to be a crowd of 400. Some great work was achieved for society, with funds raised for the Wespac Lifesaver Helicopter and Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the launch party such a mega success, and based on the reception so far, it looks like the Bondi Bubble App is already riding the wave to internet superstar status. See you at the crest of the wave. Surf's up beach bums.


Greg Tingle (Media Man) promoting the MOJO Downunder calendar