Bondi Rescue's Anthony “Harries” Carroll riding wave of success

Bondi Rescue's Anthony “Harries” Carroll riding wave of success, by Greg Tingle - April 2016

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You know him as that lovable lifeguard "Harries" from Bondi Rescue, but upon putting our tentacles out we learn that there's plenty of substance and style to Mr Carroll.

As a former Bondi Beach resident I am very aware that Harries and the boys at Bondi Rescue (and their fellow lifeguards) are a swell bunch of guys.

Sure, their celebrity profile has elevated them into celebrity statues, but their success and mega profiles haven't gone to their head.

It isn't any secret that being a lifeguard has got to be in that 'Best Job In The World' category, but doing what you love at Bondi Beach... that's got to be on another level, and when you have drop ins from time to time by models such as Heidi Klum, Pam Anderson, and even dare we say it, pseudo celebs like Hollywood's Paris Hilton, it's got to take it to another level.

The world of professional sports and television can be a wild ride at times, however as of late Harries and his lifeguard mates have been catching huge sets of positive waves in the business arena. The show hasn't won 7 Logies just by luck.  The crew, both on the beach and behind the scenes, are smart operators.

Have a guess of what type of sponsor the Bondi Rescue boys have snared... you guessed it, underwear, and the brand is Mojo Downunder, which has been giving other somewhat competing brands such as Budgie Smugglers a run for their money. No budgies on these Bondi Beach boys, but plenty of chicks for sure. Yes, ladies, these boys have it all going on both Down Under, and their have their business heads on the right way too.


Bondi Rescue Sponsor and Advertiser heavy hitters

The business savvy readers will be interested to learn that just some of the supporting brands and sponsors of the Bondi Rescue lifeguards are: Mojo Downunder, Pure Blonde, Mako Eyewear, 2XU Australia    ... heck, next thing their will be a Bondi Beach version of Victoria's Secret supermodel supershow for these guys (and their financial backers).

Of course, the Media Man agency and no doubt plenty of other media and marketing entities will be looking for their specs of gold along the Bondi Rescue's version of 'The Golden Mile'.  It's going to be interesting to see who's got the giant size beach balls to put the next way of business deals together.  There's some healthy speculation as to who some of the main players and power brokers are, and who may been soon jumping upon that tidal wave, but rest assured that Network Ten and Waverley Council will be across the action, and you can expect many more news media updates from Media Man, and our army of surf lifestyle consultants who are on duty in and out of the water, stretching from Palm Beach, over to Bondi Beach, and even past our beloved Maroubra Beach. Yes folks, this campaign is shaping up to have even a larger footprint that all previous Bondi Rescue promotions to date.

There's another Bondi Rescue party to attend tonight, but not before Harries and his mates save a few more swimmers, be it with or without the assist of our Hugh Jackman. Yes, saving lives, Hollywood and big business no mix. And, let's not forget the mandatory community announcement, Always Swim Between The Flags, no matter how good looking the beach guys and beach babes may be in the naughty corners. White pointers, Hammer Heads or not, these boys are always on duty and ready to risk it all for society, with perhaps just a dash of further motivation from the commercial world.  That's a wrap - Cut.


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