Bullying claims by former WWE announcers getting mainstream media coverage

Bullying claims by former WWE announcers getting mainstream media coverage: Culture rife with bullies; Not true to BE A STAR campaign - 8th April 2017

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Ribbing can be fun and great for moral, be it in pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment", professional football, in the office, and in the news media business also.

Continued bullying which crosses the invisible line, especially towards anyone that may have other issues going on, be it stress, depression, or any other number of matters, is not cool, and should not be tolerated.

Well respected pro wrestling and MMA journalist Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Newsletter appears to have been the one to break the news story about the JBL (John Layfield) vs Mauro Ranallo situation, with other former WWE staff / contractors speaking up to claims. Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts backs up bullying claims in his new book (Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey) and former WWE superstar Johnny John Morrison (Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground).

Again, we are all for ribs... we've done it, and its happened to us, but a rib is a rib and is done in good humor. Constant bullying aka harassment of a good person, such as Mauro Ranallo is not funny, not on, and can not be tolerated.

Should JBL get fired or punished? That's debatable. It's a culture of ribbing, but also one of bullying, if you choose to believe those speaking out. I think punishment at the bare minimum. WWE needs to show the world that they are serious about this.

So much for the famed DONT BE A BULLY, BE A STAR! campaign. This makes it look like a bad joke. Be A Star are understood to be getting a ton of feedback about this bullying in WWE situation, as well they might.

Hopefully some positive outcomes will come out of this current situation.

We hope that a win - win - win scenario will be achieve.

Also, wishing Mauro Ranallo well with his continued success in the broadcasting sector, and good on the wrestlers and talent speaking up about the issues, such as stand out talents Mundo and Justin Roberts.

Check out Mauro's current broadcasting work here: Rutten & Ranallo By Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo

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