Coke cans rattle in earnest as big names prepare for a cold one

Coke cans rattle in earnest as big names prepare for a cold one, By Colin Kruger -
22nd May 2015


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Illustration John Shakespeare

Coca-Cola boss Alison Watkins has started rattling her Coke can one month out from her first outing at the 10th annual CEO Sleepout for St Vinnies.

"I'm hoping you'll consider making my one uncomfortable night as worthwhile as possible by showing your support and making a donation to my profile," Watkins said in a mailout to a unspecified number of recipients this week.

There has been a strong female turnout this year to highlight the plight of women's homelessness. And the talent is evenly spread across the states.

Someone by the name of Gretel Packer is turning up at the Melbourne Convention Centre for the Crown Resorts Foundation Advisory Board, and she appears to have some deep-pocketed backers who have put her just shy of the $50,000 barrier.

Way out West - at the WACA to be precise - Nicola Forrest will be turning out for the Minderoo Foundation while hubby Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest fights the injustice of free market trade on behalf of cash-strapped mining billionaires.

The lead fundraiser from 2013, Best & Less boss Holly Kramer, is having another crack in her cow-print onesie before retiring from the rag trader this year.

Southern Cross Media's former boss, Rhys Holleran, is also a show despite being demoted to the role of hired help this month by executive chairman Peter Bush.

Other prominent names making an appearance include RAMS boss Martine Jager, Genworth's Ellie Comerford, and Blackmores' top vitamin-spruiker, Christine Holgate.

The Minister for Malcolm, Malcolm Turnbull, will also be taking a break from the Canberra asylum to rest his head at Sydney's Luna Park.

(The Sydney Morning Herald)