Crocodile hunters get snappy

Crocodile hunters get snappy, by Christine Sams - 19th September 2004
(Credit: The Sun Herald)

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Steve Irwin is locked in battle with another Queensland adventurer over the use of the name "crocodile hunter".

Irwin's management sent a letter to long-time crocodile hunter Mick Pittman asking him to stop using the name "crocodile hunter", which has been trademarked by Best Picture Show, the company behind Irwin's business empire.

In a letter written by John Harrison from Best Picture Show, Mr Pittman was asked to "remove any reference of the words 'Crocodile Hunter' from your advertising, promotions, website etc".

The letter so enraged Mr Pittman, who has been hunting crocodiles for 24 years, he phoned Australia Zoo, in Beerwah, Queensland to complain.

Afterwards, Mr Pittman was visited by Bundaberg police. A spokeswoman for Queensland police confirmed Irwin made a complaint about an abusive phone call from Mr Pittman.

The officers took no action, but the incident has created tensions.

"It's just not fair," said Mr Pittman, who insists crocodile hunter is "an occupational term".

Mr Pittman said he will battle Irwin for the right to use the name.


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