Dick Smith plans Tas ecotourism lodge

Dick Smith plans Tas ecotourism lodge
(Credit: ABC)

Entrepreneur Dick Smith and his son-in-law are hoping to establish a new ecotourism lodge on a remote part of the Tasman Peninsula.

A development application is expected to be submitted in the next few months.

Mr Smith and his son-in-law, James Baillie, bought 50 acres of land at Safety Cove, near historic Port Arthur, last year.

They are now testing for groundwater and doing wildlife surveys, and have brought in land surveyors.

Mr Baillie, who runs an ecotourism venture on Lord Howe Island, says the next step is to revegetate the former farmland.

Three years ago another company's bid for a 60-bed, multi-storey venture was knocked back after opposition from local residents.

Mr Baillie says his proposal is for a niche 20-bed, single-storey ecotourism development.

He says public access to nearby Crescent Bay will be maintained if the proposal is approved.


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