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Didgeridoo Show Outback - New TV ad for 2015 season

Didgeridoo Show Outback - New TV ad for 2015 season


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Didgeridoo Show Outback

Andrew Langford evokes the desert heart of Australia in a performance that features drums, percussion and soundscapes.

This is The Didgeridoo Show Outback!

Spectacular imagery taken by the world-class photographer, Mike Gillam, enhances Andrew’s thrilling performance on a range of didgeridoos.

It’s impossible to be indifferent to the pulsating sound of this traditional instrument because it is the sound of life itself.

The whole universe comes together in the magical vibration of the didgeridoo.

Highlights of the show

The performance opens with a popular number called “Todd River”.

Visitors are surprised to learn that it does rain in the desert and when the rains come, the usually-dry river, runs through the Alice often flooding but renewing life on the arid land.

The Sounds of Starlight Theatre takes spectators on a sound excursion through the vibrant red landscapes of the desert interior.

From Emily Gap, site of the Arrente tribe’s Caterpillar Dreaming, to the howling wilderness where Australia’s last camel expedition met disaster, and from noisy outback mining towns to quiet camps ideal for star gazing.

Didgeridoos, drums and soundscapes beat out the eternal rhythm of the bush.

Other tracks feature bush-burning and hunting techniques, an insight into the legendary dingo and the spiritual Mimi Spirits of Arnhemland.

To listen to music samples from the show check out The Didgeridoo Show Outback CD.



The spirit of Andrew Langford

Andrew Langford’s stage charisma and personality coupled with the intimate setting of the theatre allows the audience to feel part of the performance and to realise they are in for an evening of truly unique entertainment.

Andrew is not a distant performer but a warm personality who immediately engages his audience with jokes, anecdotes and explanations as he recalls his time spent living and working in remote Aboriginal communities.

The spontaneous “jam sessions” that end each show are the highlight of most evenings, as the audience joins Andrew and the band to beat and blow the world anew.

After the show, visitors are invited to browse through our art gallery which offers a range of quality handcrafted Aboriginal didgeridoos, paintings and artifacts, as well as CDs and books.

The Sounds of Starlight Theatre offers visitors a night to remember.

An ideal introduction to the people, landscapes and animals of Central Australia and an everlasting memory of an unforgettable and timeless holiday experience.

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(Credit: Sounds Of Starlight)

Sample of show