Dwayne Johnson reveals Ballers Season 2 coming in July

Dwayne Johnson reveals Ballers Season 2 coming in July - February 2016

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by Josh Hill

Dwayne Johnson seemingly confirmed that Ballers will premiere on HBO in July 2016.

The first season of the HBO cult hit Ballers was met with mixed reception. Almost everyone who watched it was expecting a Playmakers style take on the NFL and the lifestyle surrounding it, but what we got was a more camped up version of that series. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable time.

Dwayne Johnson was popping pills, having orgies and making money as an ex-NFL player turned agent, and it was a sexy, flashy and often times campy rabbit hole to follow him down. When the first season wrapped up, the big question was would HBO get behind the series for a second season?

On Thursday, Johnson confirmed that Ballers will be returning in July on HBO.

We sort of knew that if Ballers came back it would be a summer premiere, but nothing has really been made official. The show began filming its second season in Miami, but no definitive premiere date was ever given. In fact, we still don’t have an exact date for the return of Ballers, except that it will come sometime in July.

Given how long it took us to get the second season of True Detective, hearing that HBO cameras are rolling is no sure bet that a show is about to premiere. That being said, we smell what The Rock is cooking in Miami, and it sounds like dinner will be served in July.