Dwayne Johnson's cinematic new trailer for TNT's 'The Hero'

Dwayne Johnson's cinematic new trailer for TNT's 'The Hero'

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Dwayne Johnson’s new film Pain & Gain isn’t the only project The Rock has coming out. He also has an action reality series from TNT called The Hero.

In the show (premiering June 6), nine people try their action skills on various missions that will test their brains, brawn and morality. Johnson serves as The Hero‘s mentor and motivator and calls it “the greatest adventure competition you’ll ever get to experience from your couch.” The winner can receive up to $1 million.

Johnson has been a busy man lately. Between The Hero, Pain & Gain, and upcoming Fast & Furious sequel, it’s enough to give a man a hernia! (that's what he's now recovering from thanks to his match against John Cena at WWE WrestleMania).

There's some talk that various movie directors, producers and the like are trying to encourage 'The Rock' to stop wrestling. At the time of publication its a wait and see situation.

'The Rock' in the meantime is showing that pro wrestling is more real than what some misinformed people may have thought. Sure, its show business, but the pain, risks and injures can be very real indeed.

Sounds like it may be an excellent time to check out reality TV - 'The Rock' style!


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