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Heard It In The Alice, By Greg Tingle - 22nd May 2015


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G'day Everyone

I'm totally wrapt to officially launch our regular feature 'Heard It In The Alice'.

Yes, Alice Springs - we heard you.

Our local spy's in the region tell us that there's lots of happenings and news fodder coming up out of region on a regular basis, and we've got the green light to bring it to you.

We're got and will be offering a mix of hard news bytes, and news of the more - how do you say, gossipy nature, entertainment news, community news and events and lots more. It's all about what's news, what just happened, what's coming up and what's been talked about at cafes to cattle stations. A snapshot if you will.

From the heart of town in Todd Mall, to the other side of The Gap, towards the MacDonald Ranges, here goes with our inaugural feature.

Alice cattle breeders and farmers friendly than those aboard?
Word on the street (and in the Northern Territory cattle stations) is that Australian farmers generally have more compassion for their animals than that of some overseas counterparts! We're talking about matters of transportation of cattle from stations to the abitorior, chickens having a more enjoyable life in free range (cage free or bigger cage) environments and so on. Do you agree? Sound off with your thoughts.

AFL Lighting Festival to return?
That's the million dollars sports question on the towns mind. It's no secret that along with the Lighting Festival (AFL championships in the region) came a dose of unruly youth, whose second favourite "sport" seemed to be rock throwing (at cars and trucks). Many in the township got so irate with the rock throwing and other unruly behavior at the time of the festival that a group of locals initiated a petition that called for a boycott or all out banning of next years scheduled Lighting Festival. The petition has attracted hundreds of signatures. It is a forgiving town, and we hear that some AFL big wigs might be looking for a bit of a make-over and enhanced imagine when it comes to their code of football in The Alice. Footy fans (and concerned residents and business owners) - Watch This Space!

Kitty Kat meows Afro Desert Party on 6 June at Montes Lounge
Monte's boss 'Kitty Kat' (not her real birth name as far as we can ascertain) meowed to be on the lookout for the Afro Desert Party (Teranga and King Marong). Only $10 and the super groovy event kicks off at 8pm. Look out for the big Unicorn Head on the gate on the corner of Todd St and Stott Terrace.

Alice Springs Autumn Fair on May 23
It's one of the Alice Springs highlights of the year. The Autumn Fair is already being planned. Fun, culture, excitement. Trouble makers, rock throwers and the like are not welcome and are advised to stay away. There will be a healthy police presence. On that note, a public thank you to the boys and girls in blue. Thanks for your enormous efforts in helping keeping our community safe. All respect.

2015 Alice Springs Show
It's never too early to start spreading the news of a ripper event coming up in The Alice. It's the annual Alice Springs Show, and this year's event promises to be one of the greatest ever. It's the 56th show in fact and show dates are Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July. Every man and his dog, cow, pig and camel will be there, and you should be there. A little birdie told us that Rural Weekly folks will be there with bells on too. See you at Blatherskite Park punters.

#searchingforsugarbird at Red Dog Café, Todd Mall; Profit or pest?
Feisty local birds have been a bit of a fixture at Red Dog Café for many years, and this season they are out in full force. Some locals and tourists are now referring to these uninvited dinners as "Sugar Birds (due to their unique ability to swoop on bags of sugar and drill a hole in them with their beak, which seems to be customer built to sugar-bagging. One may pose the question: Profit of pest, as per recent Rural Weekly headline. Yes, they eat and get high on the sugar, but they have also turned into quite the tourist attraction. We love them and they make for great photos. What's your take?

Mad Max: Fury Road in running to blow up Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Todd at Alice Springs Cinema tells us that George Miller's Max Mad: Fury Road might just have a chance of knocking off Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Audiences have been very strong from Miller's latest cinematic effort. The last Aussie film that drew very strong audiences in The Alice was Red Dog (despite being set in Karratha, Western Australia). By the way, a sequel in currently in production for Red Dog, and its entitled Blue Dog… of course). Art house films haven't been near as popular with Alice film audiences as far as tickets sold, but as always, its horses for courses. As Max Max would say, 'It's a lovely day" to go to the movies at Alice Springs Cinema. Tempted to watch movies on your computer? … take our advice - be very careful with your data usage. Online movie watching has been known to blow many an internet data allowance thru the roof - think Bill Shock! See you at the movies then.

Alice Springs Cinema VS Araluen Arthouse Cinema
VS may be a touch too much exaggeration. The great news is that the consumer wins. It's like… um the Rural Weekly is now available in Alice Springs, however our paper is not pretending to be the only news source covering Alice Springs (or the Northern Territory for that matter). Word on the street and in the film biz that there's been some duplication of art house genre movies screening at both Alice Springs Cinema (Todd Mall) and at Araluen Arthouse Cinema (Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive). Some movies may be so enjoyable that movie lovers may like to experience the same movie at both premises. You can bet that the bean counters at all associated entities won't be complaining if in fact that turns out to be the case. Raise your glass, or your stubby, to Australian and international art house movies. Still not sure what cinema to visit? Compare online at www.alicespringscinema.com.au and www.araluenartscentre.nt.gov.au

Pine Gap in safe hands - Brock Lesnar wrestler connection!
Who would have thought that Alice Springs would have its very own Brock Lesnar (former UFC champion and former WWE Heavyweight champion) connection. Recently spotted in Subway, Alice Springs was human tank "Jake". Jake who was sporting a red, white and blue singlet was coached by Lesnar roughly a decade ago, just before Lesnar went pro. Our guess is that our boy Jake is engaged in a security related capacity, but that's just speculation, based on his look, skills and training. By the way, real nice bloke, and whatever you're doing Jake, keep doing it well.

The circus is coming to town (for real) - Great Loritz Circus
Line up, line up - the greatest show on earth (or at least one of the greatest shows in the entire Northern Territory). The famed Great Loritz Circus will be showing at Blatherskite Park (off Len Kittle Drive) from 29 May to 14 June. Offerings include Russian Swing, Trampoline, Dare Devil Cage Riders and more. Tickets from just $18 to $90 (for a Family Pass). Telephone 0439 247 287 w: www.loritzcircus.com

Folks, how did we do? Don't forget this is also your column and you are also our eyes and ears in the region. Got something too good to just keep for yourself? Why not send it to us and have about 20,000 people read all about it instead. Send to greg@mediamanint.com Anonymous submissions are also accepted, if you insist.

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