Hilton's heading for us

Hilton's heading for us, by Fiona Byrne - 24th December 2006
(Credit: Herald-Sun)

Mothers, lock up your sons, Paris is about to pounce Down Under.

Perennial party girl and Britney Spears's new best friend Paris Hilton is coming back to Australia.

Hilton will arrive in Sydney on December 29 for a five-day visit, coinciding with the launch of a promotional campaign for Bondi Blonde beer.

Not that Hilton has ever been a noted beer drinker.

The headline-grabbing girl about town will be part of a judging panel, including controversial surfer and Cleo Bachelor of the Year second runner-up Koby Abberton, who will select 10 beauties to form a Bondi Blonde promotional team.

There is also speculation Hilton will star with Abberton in a saucy commercial for the beer set in a spa bath.

Abberton narrowly escaped a jail sentence when he was convicted of lying to police to cover for his brother.

Hilton will not bring her new bestie Britney with her on the jaunt Down Under.

Instead, she will travel with stylist and mate Kim Kardashian.


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