Hugh Jackman asks what Wolverine fans want

Hugh Jackman asks what Wolverine fans want - 28th July 2015

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Hugh Jackman has taken to social media to ask his fans what they want to see in his eighth and final film as Wolverine.

Jackman says 'My last time putting on the claws. What do you want to see happen? 50 words or less. I'll read as many as I can.'

More than 35,000 people responded within two hours to the question and, unsurprisingly, most fans don't want him to hang up the claws.

Many fans say they want to see him portray the Old Man Logan character in his final movie.

This character is from the comic book series Wolverine: Old Man Logan which is set more than 50 years in the future and in an alternate universe.

Fans say they want to see Jackman portray this darker side to Wolverine, who has gone off the rails due to traumatic events that have happened to him in other X-Men movies.

Since the year 2000, the 46-year-old has starred in seven films as Wolverine, including five X Men movies and two stand alone Wolverine movies - X-men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.

He is currently filming the eighth and final Wolverine sequel which is yet to be named and due out in 2017.