Hugh Jackman back in Bondi for premiere

Hugh Jackman back in Bondi for premiere - 31st March 2016

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Movie star Hugh Jackman stepped out on a snow themed white carpet in Bondi on Wednesday to premiere his new movie Eddie the Eagle.

It came just days after the Wolverine actor was hailed as a real life hero after being spotted saving his 15-year-old son Oscar and other swimmers from the surf at Bondi Beach over the Easter long weekend.

Jackman told Sky News his whole family had been back in the water since the drama unfolded.

It was not quite as dramatic as it may have looked. I'm always amazed at what those (Bondi lifesavers) do and I train with those guys quite a lot so if I exaggerate and say how good I am they're going to kill me tomorrow morning,' he said.

The star also laughed at suggestions the rescue could double as an audition for Dwayne Johnson's new Baywatch movie, saying perhaps there could be a spin-off flick 'Baywatch Bondi'.

The sunny Sydney beach was undoubtedly a happy switch for the star after making his upcoming film during a cold Bavarian winter.

The movie 'Eddie the Eagle' is based on the true story of a British skier Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping.

Jackman plays the fictitious character of Bronson Peary, Eddie's coach, who Jackman says is really a combination of around 30 coaches who helped Eddie - an unlikely athlete- along the way.

The star remembers supporting Eddie while watching him compete at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

'Aussies love the underdog, I remember this story, we loved him and he was a Brit so it had to be someone special for us to fall in love with a Brit back then.

'He somehow captured the imagination of everybody. He seemed like the guy you go to the pub with on a Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden he turns up at the top of a ski jump. He was crazy,' Jackman said.

Not quite so crazy himself, Jackman did some downhill runs while making the movie, but let a green screen and studio work their magic to make him look like a veteran jumper.

'What Eddie did (learning to jump in his 20s) is so crazy. There's really nobody over the age of 5 who starts ski jumping it is a really difficult sport to pull off, and if you get it wrong you die.'

Jackman has conquered Hollywood and Broadway with his stage and screen performances, but at the premiere he revealed one of his childhood ambitions was to become an Olympic champ.

'Oh yeah - I wanted to be in the Olympics - I do actually remember being more obsessed with the Guinness Book of Records, when I was young that was the thing, and it seemed possible because if you go deep into the Guinness Book Of Records there were some things that if you didn't mind staying up for three nights playing badminton for three days in a row it seemed possible,' he said.

Jackman admitted he and his brother had a crack at a few of the records, but he always fell asleep first.

Hugh arrived at the Bondi event and posed for photos with wife Deborah Lee Furness, with whom he will celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary in April.

Jackman has joked to the media that his personal motto is 'Happy wife, happy life'.

'Eddie the Eagle' will fly onto screens across Australia from April 21st.