Hulk Hogan man thongin' in Miley Cyrus spoof video

HULK HOGAN MAN THONGIN' In Miley Cyrus Spoof Video - 4th October 2013

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Whatcha' gonna do, brother -- when Hulk Hogan puts his 60-year old ass into a THONG and rides a wrecking ball around like Miley Cyrus?!!

You're probably gonna watch the video. We did.

Now for the back story: Hulk's a partner in a new web hosting company called Hostamania (which is trying to compete with Go Daddy) ... and he wanted to do something big to draw attention to the biz.

Naturally, the wrestler decided the only logical move was to strip down to a G string and wiggle around his evenly-tanned butt cheeks on video.

Your move, Ultimate Warrior ...


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