In Town, Blondes, booze and lots of navel gazing

IN TOWN Blondes, booze and lots of navel gazing
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

There were fake tans, tattoos and belly piercings aplenty as a bevy of busty blondes strutted their stuff at Bondi yesterday, vying to become the face of John Singleton's new low-carbohydrate beer.

The world's most famous blonde, Paris Hilton, was on hand to judge the competition, with surfer Koby Abberton and Singo jnr (Jack), who remained tight-lipped on how much extra shopping money Paris will now have, thanks to his "very large" payment for her services.

Forking out the dosh has clearly paid off in publicity. At least 400 people armed with camera phones lined the footpath and dangled over balconies opposite Bondi Icebergs, waiting for Paris to arrive.

In true diva style, she made them wait, requesting a couple of minutes to compose herself in her car before stepping out, with no sign of a hangover from her New Year's Eve on Richard Branson's yacht. Yet Ms Hilton seemed more fragile than she was letting on.

"She's a little edgy this morning," SIT overheard one of her minders say. "She may need to be treated with kitten gloves."

Inside, a smiling Hilton laughed and joked with Abberton and Singo jnr as blonde after blonde strutted on the catwalk to the strains of Paris's own cover version of Do You Think I'm Sexy?.

Abberton said he was looking for "a cool girl who could have a drink with the guys" and was most impressed with one contestant who skolled a bottle of beer on stage.

Abberton (a brunette) had his own blonde moment, introducing 19-year-old Lauryn Eagle as a "whitewater rafter". The current women's world waterskiing champion was popular with the crowd but ineligible to win, as anyone promoting alcohol must be 25 years or older.

A 26-year-old, Jaime Wright, won the job, beaming as Hilton signed her winner's sash.


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