Just call us - HULK (2017) -- Centraal Beheer

Just call us - HULK (2017) -- Centraal Beheer

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Uploaded on 15 Feb 2017
Mark, Margreet and their two sons are on holiday in America. The family visits one of the busy piers along the coast, only to see a street thief snatch away Magreet’s bag. Luckily for them, the pickpocket is spotted by impressive beefcake Hulk Hogan. But does he come to rescue, or steal the show?

The commercial was filmed in Hulk Hogan’s hometown of Clearwater Beach, Florida, with the usually quiet Pier 60 given a tourist makeover. The 63-year old wrestler and actor who put ‘Hulkamania’ World Wrestling Entertainment on the map happily attended the shoot for a full two days.

About Centraal Beheer:

Centraal Beheer is a Dutch private insurance company. ‘Just Call Us’ is loosely translated from the Dutch ‘Even Apeldoorn bellen’, which refers to the city of Apeldoorn, the company's headquarters location.

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