Kurt Angle talks about wrestling Brock Lesnar behind the scenes in WWE

Kurt Angle talks about wrestling Brock Lesnar behind the scenes in WWE

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In May 2011, Olympic gold medalist and living legend of pro wrestling, Kurt Angle, appeared on Busted Open radio which airs on Sirius. The following is a trascript of Angle's account of the "infamous" wrestling match tht he and Brock Lesnar had to prove who was the better amateur wrestler.

"Brock is a very dear friend. He is a beast. To be honest with you me personally right now and there's a difference between Olympic wrestling and MMA fighting and there are also a lot of similarities, but I do well. Yes I do incredibly well. Have I've been offered to do it? Yes I've been offered a lot of money to do it, but my focus is more on the Olympics because I have been so good at wrestling my whole life and that's what I'm best at. I think I have a better shot at making an Olympic team then going and getting beat up doing MMA and having five fights. Those fights, these guys take a beating.

You have to train so much and when you fight the fights are the ones that take years off your life because they are brutal. You're getting banged up and beat up, your joints, your neck, your face, so Brock and I had…the thing is Brock was dodging me for a few months because everyone wanted to see it happened and I kept asking him and asking him and one day he got in a ring with Big Show and he was tossing Big Show around. Big Show was about 520 pounds at the time.

Brock was picking him up and slamming him down and I'm going "Wow maybe I shouldn't get in the ring with him." I looked at Big Show and Brock back was looking towards me and I said get out and he said "Okay. Okay." He snuck out of the ring and I go out and I tapped Brock on the back. He turned around and said "Ah s--t." I said, "Let's go," because he said six months before they asked how would he do against me? He said, "Well Kurt is too small. I'm way bigger than him. I'll kill him, so I took that personally. I wouldn't let it go until we got in the ring.

We got into the ring and I got a good piece of him. I will tell you this: Listen Brock is no joke. I think he is the best heavyweight fighter in the world. I have a lot of respect for him. He's a good friend of mine. You know him and I did go at it and I did get the best of him, but you know I still have so much respect for him."

Transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.com