Lights, Camera, Action! Melco Crown Entertainment Sets the Scene on Macau's Studio City

Lights, Camera, Action! Melco Crown Entertainment Sets the Scene on Macau's Studio City - 12th January 2015


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Hollywood Stars feature in Premiere of Film-Teaser at Unveiling of the 'Next-Generation' of Thrilling Leisure Entertainment in Asia

To mark the successes of the past with the anticipation of an even brighter future for Macau, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment Mr. Lawrence Ho unveiled a special time capsule, which will be placed within the new Studio City development - sealed with a review video and iconic items that reflect the recent history of the territory's rise at the leading tourism destination in Asia.

Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment Mr. Lawrence Ho launched the grand reveal of the stunning façade of Studio City.

MACAU, Jan. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Melco Crown Entertainment Limited (sehk:6883) MPEL, -1.04% a developer, owner and operator of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia, today unveiled details of its thrilling new cinematically-themed gaming, entertainment and leisure destination resort in Macau: Studio City.

The US$3.2 billion, Hollywood-inspired, gaming and entertainment complex will transport the visitor into a stunning cinematic world with awe-inspiring entertainment offerings, delivered by the world's leading entertainment partners, positioning this new destination resort as Asia's entertainment capital.

Studio City will encompass the pinnacle of international and Asian leisure-destination inspired entertainment, supported and endorsed by icons of Hollywood's entertainment industry.

In a world first, a sneak peek of a tantalizing new film trailer promoting "The Audition" – a special short-movie set around a Studio City storyline which marks the very first time Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt have all starred together under the direction of Academy Award-winning film director, Martin Scorsese – was provided at today's unveiling event in Macau, China. The movie was produced by acclaimed Hollywood producer, RatPac Entertainment's Brett Ratner, the director of movie blockbusters, "Red Dragon", ''X-Men: The Last Stand", "Hercules" and the "Rush Hour" film franchise.

Mr. Brett Ratner said: "This short film is a historic event because it is the first film ever to star such legendary actors as Robert De Niro, Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt in one film together. Mr. Lawrence Ho and Mr. James Packer served as Executive Producers and convinced iconic filmmaker Martin Scorsese to direct the film whom I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with. The cooperation between Mr. Scorsese and the Melco Crown Entertainment brand is synergistic because of the fact that Mr. Scorsese directed the film "Casino" starring Robert DeNiro. Mr. Scorsese has collaborated with Mr. DeNiro on 8 films and with Mr. DiCaprio on 5 films and is working with Mr. Pitt for the first time. Our hope is that the trailer for "The Audition" gives audiences an early look into what will surely be an important cinematic experience directed by one of the most culturally influential directors in the history of Hollywood films. I look forward to the Global Premiere of the film at the launch of Studio City in mid-2015."

Set against a backdrop of Art Deco-inspired architecture, Studio City will deliver movie-star treatment to all its visitors, with the most diverse collection of entertainment offerings ever seen in Macau; a glamorous two-tower hotel; and highly sophisticated and immersive shopping and dining experiences.

"Studio City will represent Asia's 'next generation' of immersive, world-leading, entertainment-driven gaming and leisure destination experiences, as we work to support Macau's tourism development and diversification," said Mr. Lawrence Ho, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment.

"It will take the entertainment-inspired leisure destination concept to new levels, in a cinematic setting developed in partnership with the world's leading entertainment brands, supported and endorsed by many of the legends of Hollywood - including this very special short-film collaboration with Brett Ratner, Martin Scorsese, and superstars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt."

Melco Crown Entertainment also announced a partnership to bring the unrivalled portfolio of many of the most iconic DC Comics' Super Heroes and Warner Bros.' classic characters to life, in collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

"We are also thrilled to announce a collaboration to bring the unrivaled portfolio of some of the most iconic DC Comics' Super Heroes and Warner Bros.' classic characters to life, together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. We are excited to introduce Macau to the exhilarating Batman Dark Flight, a virtual-reality ride that will allow fans of the Caped Crusader to soar over Gotham City, and we look forward to unveiling the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment Center, where families and children can play among many of their favorite characters," said Mr. Ho.

"Studio City will radically enhance and diversify Macau's evolving leisure experiences as Melco Crown Entertainment works to anticipate, innovate and ultimately satisfy the ever-growing needs of the region's and world's leisure destination visitors."

Iconic Macau Landmark

When completed later in 2015, Studio City's towering facade will feature a new, iconic, Macau landmark - the Golden Eye - which at 130 meters will be Asia's highest Ferris wheel. It is inspired by having two asteroids shooting through a Gotham City building.

The Golden Eye straddles the two-tower Studio City hotel, set to offer visitors luxurious accommodations and red-carpet 'star' service. Comprising the Celebrity Tower and the premium Star Tower, the hotel will offer approximately 1,600 rooms, each designed in Art Deco style.

Redefining Asia's Entertainment Destination Landscape

Studio City is designed to be the most diversified entertainment resort offering in Macau, with more world-class entertainment amenities than any integrated resort in the market. It will represent the pinnacle of entertainment-driven leisure destination experiences in Asia.

The world's first Batman film franchise digital ride, DC Comics' Batman Dark Flight, delivers visitors an exhilarating adventure through the night, in an action-packed motion ride, providing thrill-seekers with a virtual reality Batman experience. Fly through Gotham City, following Batman around the city as he brings some of the most notable Super-Villains from his Rogue's Gallery to justice.

Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO, Warner Bros. commented, "The Warner Bros. and DC Comics portfolio of properties offers a unique and engaging experience for fans of all ages. We are delighted to collaborate with Melco Crown Entertainment to bring these characters to a world-class project like Macau's Studio City."

The resort's stunning entertainment offerings also include:

Family Entertainment Center, a 30,000 sq. foot fun-filled Family Entertainment Center for kids, is packed with many of your favorite Warner Bros. and DC Comics characters. Kids will get an unforgettable, immersive play experience - bouncing through the air with the Looney Tunes and playing with Tom and Jerry, to climbing on structures with Batman and Superman and driving go-karts with Wonder Woman and The Flash. The Family Entertainment Center will also include a Dark Ride that will for the first time in Warner Bros.' history combine characters from DC Comics, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera Productions within a single attraction experience. This incredible family-orientated facility will allow families to shop and dine as well as enjoy an animation academy, a cinema to catch classic and new animated programs and even a memorable birthday party venue with customizable private party rooms.

The House of Magic, offers guests an incredible live magical experience showcasing the world's greatest magicians. Designed, curated and hosted by acclaimed illusionist, Franz Harary, The House of Magic features an array of mind-bending shows including Harary's award winning spectacular, Mega Magic. This amazing mystical journey all takes place in the new Asia capital of magic and illusion arts.