Maroubra Business Media group to make the news; News media, advertising and promotions sector getting shake-up in Eastern Beaches region of Sydney

Maroubra Business Media group to make the news; News media, advertising and promotions sector getting shake-up in Eastern Beaches region of Sydney - August 2017

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Maroubra's latest, and arguably, greatest, new business networking group, Maroubra Business Media, continues to gain momentum, new members, and positive media attention.

The group consists of people from a wide variety of backgrounds including media, sports, heath, technology and creative arts.

You've likely already read about the group and some of the individuals across the internet, but soon enough you will be reading about "MBM" in print.

Business networking is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, however formal business networking of Eastern Beaches media savvy types in an unassuming beach cafe is. It's not exactly The Australian Media Forum or Canberra Press Club, but it's not the amateur hour either. Each valued member has well over a decade experience in their field, and most are more media savvy than the local bear.

Little wonder that big media has taken and interest and liking to the group, and we know that Google and Facebook also have MBM on their radar also, along with meeting online facilitators,

Recently the group was also championed to Roy Morgan Research where media was the topic of the day, and it was taken note by over 100 attendees the power of big media getting involved with an even collaborating with modest size local businesses, in a new wave of localization.

In the very near future you will be reading some quotes from some of the members of Maroubra Business Media, so we are not going to totally let the cat out of the bag here, but rest assured that this group is making positive waves and also improving the local business economy in practical and tangible ways. One prominent media company has even got a local graphic designer / illustrator to create new and improved business cards.

The Media Man group is also promoting and advertising dozens of local, Eastern Beaches based business via their websites, which appears to have shaken up the local media and advertising sector, with friends at Heartland's of the Eastern Beaches, The Beast, Maroubra Community and the local chamber of commerce picking up on the trend also.

Even Maroubra Chamber of Commerce saw the merit in checking out the newly formed group, and in return the chamber will be signing up some new members - contacts that the MeetUp group facilitated. There's also a rumor that in the near future a local member of parliament will also be attending, and also that a swag of higher ups in some major Australian media firms will also attend the meetups in person.

As they say, don't bet against them. These local movers n shakers seem to have some sort of home field advantage, and the ripples have been put into action - local, state, national, international - that's how news stories and businesses develop.

Final thought - Big will not beat small any more. It will be the fast beating the slow - Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation)

Greg Tingle (Media Man Int and Media Man Australia) Michelle Morgan (Snoop Creative) and Alfred Bellanti (Bellanti Enterprises)


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Maroubra Chamber of Commerce Facebook

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Business networking at a high level is not a new thing to numerous group members of Maroubra Business Media. Virgin Group's Richard Branson has written about the topic himself



Big will not beat small any more. It will be the fast beating the slow - Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation)