Merelyplayers Industry Night: A Night for the Ages

Merelyplayers Industry Night: A Night for the Ages, by Greg Tingle &
Yvette Moore

We have entered a new era of post-pretentious networking events. Such was the Merelyplayers Creative Arts Industry Night recently held at Sydney's coveted Arthouse Hotel.

This night need not be oversold, for we personally know the PR man for this event, and no "cold call" or "hard sell" was required. Everyone wanted to come, and many did.

Merelyplayers is Bryan's Cutt's brainchild; but he is quick to point out that the evening was about "cross pollinating" the industry, and everyone working together.

Present were not only an a-list, but really genuinely interested people; those keen to see excellent performances by Didjitalis (a mix of funky digital sound and Didgeridoo), Niki Shepard's flowing expressive dance, Monica Brian's monologue, and a pertinent panel discussion, moderated by Tony Chu, exploring "Multiple Creative Disciplines: Australian Practitioners - Can they / do they work together?"

There were no "would bes" or wannabes there, but that's not to say that everyone had already "made it" in the business. Indeed, many young, talented creative artists and "switched on" media types were also on hand, and all gleaned a wonderful experience, not to mention golden contacts, stemming from the event.

The networking was light, unforced and real. To the surprise of nobody, dozens of attendees had previously either met or heard of each other before. Such is the close-knit creative arts sector in Sydney. Many introductions were made personally and comfortably by both official and unofficial meeters and greeters.

The Arthouse Attic Bar was visibly buzzing, perhaps like never before, with camera flashes abounding, creative juices flowing and a sparkle in everyone's eye.

Whilst the night contained structure and planning, it was not overly contrived, and to the delight of everyone, the bar stayed open so press and the public were given ample opportunity to meet and mingle with the performers.

Sure, the whole world is but a stage, and we are merelyplayers, but this event was anything but merely another networking gig.

For the record, the $10 admission was only a token, for this was truly a "million dollar night".

Next month the Merelyplayers saga continues with the presentation of "Birth, Death and Everything Between", which is due to open at Sydney's TAP Gallery on the 18th of March.


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Merelyplayers Creative Arts Industry Night on 4th Feb 2004


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