P.M Bowron cartoons via Media Man

P.M Bowron cartoons via Media Man


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Bush Rat Horse Riding


Bush Rat Camp Fire


Abbott's Dismay




I grew up with a big back yard of 356 acres to play in - a very fortunate upbringing that I am forever grateful for. I also grew up drawing what was around me. At 17 years old I went to university to study art and design. I painted and drew and I drew cartoons for fun.

Cartooning is seeing the humorous and quirkiness of a situation and depicting it visually.

I enjoy this and believe as the Readers Digest states "Laughter is the Best Medicine" it gets us through all types of times and therefore cartoons play a big part in the worlds wellbeing - this is why I enjoy it so much.

I am also an activist currently lobbying the Government on major economic reform. Working on developing a community housing project and studying a Diploma of Theology as well as being a fashion designer and working towards producing the garment ranges that I have and writing; I have published a novel called "Jeremiah" which I am currently marketing.

In the past I have actively been involved in community development in areas such as women's issues, housing and environment and also business ventures such as recruitment, real-estate, and tourism.

I live by LIFE IS GOOD, cease the day and treat all people with dignity and respect.