Ric Flair ‘Needs Some Love’ Claims Roddy Piper

Ric Flair ‘Needs Some Love’ Claims Roddy Piper - 19th July 2013

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Wrestling legends Roddy Piper and Ric Flair didn’t just swap wives on Celebrity Wife Swap, but in fact, the pair happen to be very good friends. So it comes as no surprise that Rowdy Roddy was quick to jump to Ric Flair’s defense in light of his recent arrest warrant!

Wrestling legend “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was recently slapped with an arrest warrant for failing to pay his ex-wife, Jackie Beems $32K in spousal support payments. Flair already explained that between the death of his son and being hospitalized, he simply couldn’t do it, but has full intentions to pay. Now, his fellow Celebrity Wife Swap contestant (and good pal) Rowdy Roddy Piper is jumping to Flair’s defense as well.

In a recent radio interview, Piper was questioned about the drama surrounding Ric Flair, and his response was: “If you’ve got some to say to Ric Flair, you come say it to me and I’ll make the translation.” Hmm, nothing like getting a bit defensive, eh? Piper then added: “But let’s not be kicking him when he’s down. Let’s give him some love.”

No word on whether or not Flair has made good on his promise to pay has been revealed yet. Flair’s ex-wife also reportedly turned herself in to authorities on Tuesday, after a warrant was issued for her arrest for making harassing calls to Flair’s current girlfriend.