Schwarzenegger on Terminator cameo

Schwarzenegger on Terminator cameo - 10th March 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed reports that he’ll cameo in the new Terminator movie.

Talking with The Arnold Fans, Schwarzenegger said he does appear in the movie – but only very briefly, and he hasn’t announced his participation previously because he didn’t want his minuscule presence in the movie to take anything away from the ‘stars’ of the film.

‘’To kind of have them go out and promote the movie and say you know ‘Arnold is in the movie’ and everyone thinks that I'm the Terminator, and in fact you only see one second of me in there, I don't think [its] the right thing to do”, says Schwarzenegger of his brief cameo as the T-800. ‘’And you know that's the danger of that, and that's why I [felt] reluctant to be part of the movie in the first place. So it doesn't get promoted that way.’’

The big guy also confirmed he’ll have a cameo in Stallone’s new film “The Expendables” – but again, it’ll be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him-appearance.

‘’[It] will just be something quick, like I walk out of a hotel or out of a office building and he will walk up and we will bump into each other and there will be some mumbling and then we will walk off”, says Schwarzenegger. “So it will be something very simple, that will be again, just a cameo, so that's what we're going to do. I promised him I'd do that and I'm looking forward to that’’.


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