Switched At Birth premieres exclusively on FOX8

SWITCHED AT BIRTH premieres exclusively on FOX8


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23rd April 2013

One mistake changed two families forever…


Premieres Monday May 20 at 8.30pm exclusive to FOX8

SWITCHED AT BIRTH, the groundbreaking drama series that tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital, will premiere exclusively on FOX8 on Monday May 20 at 8.30pm.

John and Kathryn Kennish have led the "perfect" life – he a retired professional athlete and she a stay-at-home mum, having raised their two children, Bay and Toby, in an idyllic neighbourhood. But their world is turned upside down when they learn there was a mistake at the hospital and Bay is not their birth child.

The family meets Regina Vasquez and her daughter, Daphne. A single mum, Regina has worked hard to take care of Daphne, a member of her school's basketball team, and a typical teenager in every way except that she is deaf. Daphne lives with her mother and grandmother, and attends her deaf and hard of hearing school with her best friend, Emmett.

The girls struggle to keep their footing in the world they know and the new one into which they have both been thrown. When financial difficulties arise for Regina, she accepts the Kennishes' offer that she, Daphne and Daphne's grandmother all live in the Kennishes' guest house, giving everyone a chance to get to know each another.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH stars newcomer and hearing impaired actress Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez. The award-winning series has been commended for being the first American television show to feature multiple deaf characters and deaf actors in lead roles.

The drama also stars Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish; Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez; D.W. Moffett as John Kennish; Lea Thompson as Kathryn Kennish; Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish; and newcomer Sean Berdy as Emmett.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH had a record breaking start when it launched in the US, where it was ABC Family’s number one series debut of all time with total viewers. The acclaimed drama will have its Australian premiere on Monday May 20 at 8.30pm exclusively on FOX8.

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