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Total Divas report - July 2013

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In an interview with, Natalya discussed her recent wedding to fellow WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd, her bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and what viewers can expect to see on the upcoming reality show, Total Divas.

The WWE Diva reveals that her beloved cat Gismo, who she says, "is like my child," accompanied her and her dad as she walked down the aisle. "My mom had made [Gismo] a tuxedo to match the groom tuxedo. It was so cute!"

She also revealed her favorite moment during the wedding, stating, "It was when I walked down the spiral staircase that led to the ceremony where all my guests were waiting, and the string quartet was playing. I had my cat in one arm and had my dad on my other arm. I saw TJ's face and I saw all of my guests and I realized I was right where I was supposed to be in my life."

Total Divas premieres Sunday, July 28 at 10/9c on E!. In regards to what people can expect to see on the show, she said, "I think Total Divas will give people a crazy backstage look at our lives behind the scenes. There's so much work that goes into what we do. There's so much more than us just doing headlocks and drop kicks."

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Total Divas is a reality show produced by World Wrestling Entertainment. It will premier July 28, 2013 on E! Network

In May 2013, WWE announced a partnership with E! Network. The WWE announced that a reality show entitled Total Divas, will begin to air in July. The show will first air on July 28. It features behind the scene footage of the WWE Divas and a look into their personal lives.


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