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WWE: NXT stars rumored to be next to move to main roster

WWE: NXT stars rumored to be next to move to main roster - April 2013

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Before Wrestlemania 29, WWE rumors surfaced that some NXT stars were going to hit the big roster following the supershow.

The word is that there are three men heading up very soon and they are none other than Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville.

This could be a huge deal. In just the last year, former NXT stars Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Big E Langston and The Shield have all become major players in the WWE. It seems the men coming from the developmental system are much better prepared for the big leagues since Triple H has taken over the WWE developmental division.

Here is a snapshot of these wrestlers are and what they might contribute.

Bray Wyatt

Many WWE fans already know who Bray Wyatt is thanks to his contributions on NXT. Bray is Windham Rotunda, the son of "IRS" Mike Rotunda. He was originally part of the NEXUS invasion as Husky Harris, but was wrote out of WWE television after he and Michael McGillicutty failed to win the WWE tag team championship. He returned to NXT and took on the identity of Bray Wyatt, a scary redneck with sociopathic tendencies.

Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno came to NXT the same time as Antonio Cesaro, both men signed away from Ring of Honor Wrestling. Together in Ring of Honor, they wrestled as the Kings of Wrestling, and Ohno went by the name Chris Hero. His character is a wrestler who just likes to inflict pain and relishes knocking people out.

Adrian Neville

The call-up of Adrian Neville is very surprising. It isn't because he doesn't deserve it, but the thing is that the wrestler formerly known as PAC has only been in NXT for a few short months. Out of the three wrestlers coming up from NXT, Neville is the most exciting. He is very similar to the athletic style of Evan Bourne or Justin Gabriel, but appears to be technically better than both of them. Neville seems to be more of a total package. Pac's nickname is "The Man That Gravity Forgot."