WWE planning to push hard on Glenn Beck, What's saving WWE Superstar Jack Swagger?

WWE planning to push hard on Glenn Beck, What's saving WWE Superstar Jack Swagger - Feb 2013

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Wrestling News: WWE planning to push hard on Glenn Beck, What's saving WWE Superstar Jack Swagger?

It's the wrestling news story that has caught the imagination of wrestling fans (and many political commentators) around the world - WWE - Jack Swagger's 'We The People'. With Swaggers real life run in with the law the story has taken on a life of its own. Media Man Int www.mediamanint.com with the update...

One WWE source noted that they wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Glenn Beck situation is what is saving Jack Swagger and his WrestleMania storyline following Tuesday night’s arrest. WWE will likely go hard on the angle this Monday night. The source speculated that we may get a 2013 version of Vince McMahon challenging Eric Bischoff to a fight on RAW.

Jack Swagger was the most searched topic on Yahoo for a brief time last night, and he's also turning up strong results in the Google search engine. Searches for "WWE" and "Pro Wrestling" have also seen an overall increase since the Swagger - We The People - Beck angle.


WWE NEWS: Beck responds to WWE's Raw request - "booked doing anything else," WWE releases video of Colter & Swagger "breaking character," then releases "in-character" video...

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck rejected WWE's invitation to appear on Monday's Raw. The official statement, published Friday night at TheBlaze.com, reads: “Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else.”

This follows a hard push from WWE on Friday to get Beck to appear at Raw from Dallas, where Beck resides. WWE wanted Beck to be involved in their program involving the "anti-immigration" heels Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Prior to Beck's response, WWE released a new video from Swagger and Colter rebutting Beck's recent criticisms of WWE programming, including Beck accusing WWE of "making a villain out of the Tea Party."

The heel duo "breaks character" mid-way through the video to deliver a corporate, propaganda message about WWE programming. The idea is to promote WWE content as fictional television, like a prime-time TV drama. Colter identifies himself as Wayne Keown and Jack Swagger identifies himself as Jake Hager.

After Keown delivers the message about WWE's storyline being designed to illicit a crowd response for the protagonist, Alberto Del Rio, and the antagonists, Colter and Swagger, the video snaps back into promo mode to "show how it's done."

One of the central themes is Keown attempting to take Beck's comment aimed at WWE, the company, that it's "stupid wrestling," and turn it into a claim that Beck called WWE's audience stupid, which flashes back to WWE's "Stand Up For WWE" propaganda campaign in 2010.


After releasing the "breaking character" video, WWE released a two-minute version that delivers the same message to Beck, but does not have Colter and Swagger "break character.


Meanwhile, WWE has yet to formally address Hager's arrest Tuesday night following the Smackdown taping, where Hager allegedly sped, drove under the influence, and possessed marijuana.

WrestleMania match still booked at time of publication...

At time of publication it will still be Jack Swagger VS Alberto De Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, which will be available on PPV television in most parts of the western world. One would have to say that De Rio would be the favorite to retain his title, given Swagger's recent run in with the law, however, in the WWE "anything can happen" at top brass Vince McMahon has told us many times over the year. It is expect that the other main event match at WrestleMania will be The Rock VS John Cena (a rematch from last years WrestleMania).

Rumours state it will be Brock Lesnar VS Triple H.

Hardcore fans are hoping that Chris Jericho and CM Punk are booked into matches, helping to keep the wrestling quality on the showcase event at a very high level.

By all accounts it should be a very hot WrestleMania as far as mainstream interest, ticket and PPV sales.


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