WWE profiles great pro wrestling champions on RAW

WWE profiles great pro wrestling champions on RAW - 3rd July 2013

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In what may be viewed as long overdue, the WWE did a fantastic video tribute of great pro wrestling champions from over the years.

It's not that they haven't featured the greats of pro wrestling before, but this time they did it in a more inclusive fashion, including many names not so well known to today's fans, as well as featuring many big names currently not with the WWE (but who may once again return in the coming year or so - including Sting and Hulk Hogan).

One may speculate that the more old school broadcast features (and acknowledging the past in general), is being pushed along by Triple H, who was a huge part of the WWE coming to business terms with Bruno Sammartino months ago. That of course facilitated Bruno's long awaited induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame. At least one DVD featuring Sammartino matches is also in the works, and he's also been included in the upcoming WWE 2K 14 video game - more on that in another news article.

Many hardcore pro wrestling fans are hoping that the WWE continues to acknowledge and suitable showcase wrestling greats of the past, as well as those not currently with the leading sports entertainment company.

The names featured in the current video tribute are:

Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair

Bruno Sammartino

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Bob Backlund

Harley Race


Triple H

Booker T

Lou Thesz

Buddy Rogers

Congrats WWE and everyone involved in putting together the wonderful tribute to some of wrestling's greatest champions.


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