WWE Tables, Ladder, Chairs 2017: Vince McMahon, Patterson, Hayes save the show with smart fan friendly booking

WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2017; Vince McMahon, Patterson, Hayes save the show with smart fan friendly booking, by Greg Tingle

WWE does listen to their audience when they have to; Balor vs Styles dream match delivers

Target Center in Minnesota experiences negatives into positives; Red hot show delivers

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This was a great show, all things considering.

"All things" being that just 24 hours prior not 1 but at least 3 superstars were diagnosed with viral infection.

With mega star Roman Reigns out, along with Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, WWE needed to pull a masterstroke to save the card, and by being "forced" to save the show and still keep the fans happy (those in attendance and WWE Network subscribers), they delivered... a term uncrowned Heavyweight Champion, Cesaro, is known to do.

The real or perceived case of desperation (not sure if that word is too strong), but regardless, meant that the WWE found itself in the corner. Fix it fast and follow P.T. Barnum's lead - The Show Must Go On, or let it die. Thankfully WWE brought in A.J. Styles from the South American tour to face Finn Balor and RAW General Manager and 48-year-old former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle took the spot of Roman Reigns.

I'm not going to get into the match results. Who likes spoilers anyway. We know its the age of the internet and the age of realism. What matters for fans, management and wrestlers is that it was a very good show. TLC match results are already all over the internet, and WWE has responded to that to - WWE.com carries the results pretty quickly theses days.

A big thumps up and great team effort to respond to the mini crisis that hit the WWE just a few days earlier.

We wish Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas a full speedy recovery.

In our estimation this was a classic case of turning negatives into positives, and keeping the fans happy. As a bi product the change in plans have also freshened up the current WWE product and can only help the WWE business from both a PR, image and bottom line perspective.

Well done to all and this all further cements the follow-up RAW show as a can't miss.

Most valuable players for the evening: A.J Styles, Kurt Angle and The Miz.


Finn Balor vs AJ Styles. The dream match becomes a reality and delivers