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Australian Pokies Switched Off At Non Compliance Pub, by Greg Tingle – 13th May 2010

The pokies aka “one armed bandits” have been switched off at a South Australian pub for not complying to government regulations.

Media Man and Gambling911 investigate and think that this may be just the latest in a massive crackdown covering the gaming and gambling industry as a whole – both land based and online. Way down under Adelaide we go in search for the truth…

The manager of the Adelaide hills based pub – hotel (kind of like a small casino in the suburbs) that has had its pokies shut down advises that they (herself and partner) have been in charge and operating the premises for once month, not quite virgins, but not old hands and “part of the furniture”, thus not everything was quite 100% yet.

Industry strong arm, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner has ordered all eight pokies at the accused Kersbrook Tavern be switched off because of failure to comply with government regulations.

The South Australian Government says the named hotel failed compliance checks conducted last August.

The small time poker queen manager, Julie King, advised she and husband have only just commenced operating the venue and issues relate to the previous management, who Media Man is currently in search of.

“It had nothing to do with myself or my husband who have stepped in as managers in the last month. I’ve been doing hospitality for a long time, so I know better than to do what’s not right,” she said proclaiming innocence.

Gambling Minister Tom Koutsantonis advised it was the first time in history any hotel in South Australia had had its pokies turned off! At least the club has bragging rights to that.

Mr K says a code of practice and a gaming machines licence were not on display and the hotel was not keeping up-to-date records of barred patrons. MM and G911 are also probing to see who is barred, and why. Aussie pubs have long been known for a bit of “funny business”, but we suspect there’s quite a bit more to this story.

“These matters of non-compliance may seem to be trivial but they’re actually very important,” he said.

“Responsible service of gambling is very important and not having that code of practice displayed is important.

“Barring is very important to make sure that problem gamblers aren’t coming in.”

The Commissioner says the ban relates to the licensees, who have not changed.

The pub is known for its top notch service, great beers aka “cold ones” snacks and atmosphere.

Readers er punters, if you learn of more on this case please write in or discuss it in the world famous Gambling911 forum (which is not banned!).

If you are banned from a hotel, pub or casino, please don’t try to get in. You’re making things hell for the owners, and news media is busy enough already without having to keep serving up public service announcements. Ok, one more time since we are such outstanding corporate citizens…

Know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, set limits, and for Christ’s sake, keep it fun. If you don’t trust yourself, bring a friend or stay home (and don’t over do it with the internet based games). Good luck from Media Man, Gambling911 and spiritual mate, ‘Plucka Duck’.

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Australian Pokies Auction Raises $1bn, by Greg Tingle – 12th May 2010

Pokies in Australian casinos, clubs, pubs, hotels et al remain big business.

Media Man and Gambling911 learn that down under, down Melbourne way, the Victorian Government has raised close to $1 billion from the auction of poker machine licences, but some detractors say that they should have raised more and have been short changed…

Aussie Gaming Minister Tony Robinson said $981 million had been raised during the bidding process for Victoria’s 27,500 poker machines.

Most of the money will be shifted into health, with the remainder funding bushfire initiatives.

The auction for the 10-year licences, which breaks the current duopoly, ended Monday.

Bids were placed for the the auction of mostly 10-year licences to operate Victoria’s 27,500 poker machines (excluding James Packer’s Crown Casino).

Average prices: $31,600. To a pub the average was $39,600. A number of clubs paid as little as $5500 per “one armed bandit” in the auction and many hotels $33,500.

Depending on the venue, a poker machine can lure in $190,000 a year with some Melbourne venues making millions of dollars every year. Guess who pays… punters who are not winning!

Pubs and clubs in some regional parts have paid top dollar for licences compared with some other parts of Melbourne.

But most hotel and club owners who participated in the auction were said to be celebrating at the lower than expected prices.

“The prices paid for entitlements did not reflect returns that hotels and clubs receive per gaming machine,” Colin Gill from corporate advisers Ferrier Hodgson said in a briefing to pub and club clients.

“This means that hotel and club venues that receive high revenues from each of their machines but paid the minimum price for their entitlements, have hit the jackpot.”

The firm said hotels in Horsham paid $153,389 per machine and in Warrnambool the price was $130,500.

A number of industry insiders complained…with only 26,800 machines in service – 700 fewer than the number permitted – the government should have reduced the supply of machines to push up prices. They said a better structured auction could have delivered the government up to $1 billion more!

Richard Macdougall from PGM advised big poker machine operators such as Woolworths had done very well from the auction.

“I think it is a pretty poor price for the Victorian taxpayers,” he said. “It seems like low prices in most of the metro areas.”

But Gaming Minister Tony Robinson was unrepentant at the government’s handling of the auction. “Sometimes good policy costs,” he said.

The government’s actions to combat problem gambling was causing a ”correction” in poker machine spending, he said, and this had affected prices for machine entitlements.

Gambling911 and Media Man are of the belief that the proliferation other gambling choices for punters, certainly including the popularity of online casinos, slots, as well as online poker, has cut into the Australian traditional poker machine sector. In addition, Australian pubs, hotels and some casinos, have got a bit of a reputation for being rough places and many passionate punters are opting to stay home are play the pokies or online poker on the internet. Mind you, visiting a safe and friendly pub or casino can also be a very enjoyable experience.

Australia remains in the world’s top 10 of countries listed in Forbes and various university studies of having the most passionate and highest spending gamblers (online and offline). Some lists rank Australia as high as number 3, but some of the Media Man researchers reckon Aussies are #1.

Online brands that are understood to be doing well in Australia include PartyGaming and Centerbet. Packer’s Betfair is also looking to add slots and online poker to their portfolio. Cleopatra, Sinatra, Tomb Raider, Monopoly and Rambo are understood to be some of the most popular online slot games. Some games are also starting to hit the iphone – smartphone market, but experts say its cheaper and less risky to play the games on a machine or a normal computer…. not a smart phone, where data charges can run into 5 figures, as Gambling911 recently reported. IGT (International Game Technology) inc WagerWorks arm, is one of the biggest game suppliers for both online and offline. Profiles on many of Australia’s and the world’s gaming and igaming companies can be found on the Media Man website network, and the Gambling911 site also has a section dedicated to Australia and regional areas.

Punters.. er, readers, know the odds, set limits, and have fun!

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. The also publish Australian Casino News

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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PartyGaming eyes return to US as Q1 revenue jumps, by Greg Tingle – 10th May 2010

PartyGaming in talks with U.S. operators over partnership deals

Q1 revenue up 27 pct to $127.1 million; Poker hit by competition from U.S.; Shares down 1.6 percent

Online gambling powerhouse PartyGaming advised it was preparing for a possible return to the United States if legislation banning the industry is overturned, after reporting an impressive 27% rise in first quarter revenue.

PartyGaming, which operates PartyPoker, PartyCasino, and World Poker Tour websites, said it was encouraged by congressmen Barney Frank and Jim McDermott’s moves to push through a new bill to regulate online gambling which was made illegal in the United States in 2006.

Chief Executive Jim Ryan told press the most likely initial move by U.S. authorities would be to legalise online poker, seen as a game of skill, which could in time lead to other forms of online gambling being allowed. “We are seeing increased momentum towards regulating online poker. It’s possible that it could happen this year and we’re prepared if it does,” Ryan said on a conference call.

Ryan said PartyGaming had set up an operation in Los Angeles with 38 staff and was in talks over possible business-to-business deals with U.S. operators.

“We’ve got any number of U.S. operators who we’re talking to right now about providing them with online gaming services and software. That gives us good reason to think that regulation isn’t that far way,” he said.

Rival 888’s Chief Executive Gigi Levy said last month he expected changes to online gaming laws in the U.S. to be implemented in the coming months.

Analysts say the online gaming industry is ready for consolidation and PartyGaming is reported to have held talks with Austria’s bwin over a potential combination – collaboration.

“We are actively working on various opportunities. Discussions are at a preliminary stage with those that we are talking to,” said Ryan, who declined to confirm whether the company was in talks with bwin.

PartyGaming reported first-quarter gross revenue of $127.1 million, benefiting from growth in its casino, bingo and sports betting divisions. However, revenue from the firms poker offering declined because of competition from websites continuing to take bets from U.S.-based gamblers, some press and insider say… illegally.

Laws governing gaming, igaming, online gambling and the like have caused great confusion in the U.S in recent years. PartyGaming is one of many gaming companies seeking clarity.


PartyGaming said its average daily revenue had slowed in the second quarter which is traditionally a quieter period for the industry and were down between 6 and 7 percent on the average for the previous quarter.

The company also said it had signed a business-to-business deal with Aviation Club de France which will join its French poker network. France made certain kinds of online gambling legal in April.

Shares in PartyGaming were down 1.6 percent to 280.4 pence at 1023 GMT. The shares have lost 15 percent of their value over the last month reflecting disappointment over the lack of developments on the M&A front and the read-across from a weak trading statement from rival 888.

“None of these factors detract from the long-term attractions of PartyGaming as a leading player in a global growth market. Therefore, we view the recent share price weakness as a buying opportunity,” said KBC Peel Hunt analyst Nick Batram.

PartyGaming claims to be the world’s leading igaming company… a claim few will argue with. The firm was established in 1997 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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iPhones More Dangerous And Expensive Than Gambling… Aussie MP, by Greg Tingle – 11th May 2010

Technology has opened up all kinds of exciting possibilities for punters, sports lovers, news hounds, big business, and just about everyone else, however, technology can both make and cost us all a lot of money. Technology has certainly joined the ranks of the Good VS Evil club. Tech giant Google proclaims ‘Don’t Be Evil’, and as Media Man and Gambling911 learn, folks are starting to question the core of Apple and a host of telcos, along with parts of their business model. Worse than preying on “problem gamblers”? Are “problem smartphone” users the new addiction to be alert to? You be the judge…

Red hot iPhones and smartphones are seeing multitudes of the population getting massive bills generated from web downloads.

Of late the online gambling sector has been copping a bit of heat from some small but vocal parts of the community and government, but iphones in general are stating to be seen as quite the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. You don’t have to visit an online casino or sports betting website to run into danger of getting a 5 figure bill.

The Media Man research crew has learned that with iphones one can loose track of data costs and the bill can go through the roof, where as with online casinos and sports betting one is much more aware of what they are downloading and spending, and are much less likely to be hit with a huge data bill. Furthermore, a number of online casinos such as PartyGaming – PartyCasino offer the option to play in browser mode, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about large downloads and data costs. Sports bets can be done online for just a few dollars after an account has been set up.

Readers, a most important part of the equation with iphones and the like is to ensure you are on the correct plan (and adapt your use to it). Get the terms and conditions in writing. If you do rake up a bill and are not happy with the ISP and comms company you believe responsible, most countries offer a telecommunications complaint department. Down under in Australia it’s the Australian Telecommunications Ombudsman, and our spies tell us it is a very busy office. Australia is understood to have more telecommunications complaints per capita than any other country.

Aussie MP Gets Stung For Huge Bill Via Son’s iPhone Downloading

A South Australian MP (Member of Parliament) has been hit with a whopping $10,000 bill on his phone after it was discovered his son downloaded footy games! God, the Australian sports scandals continue to find new directions just when we thought we were getting closer to exhausting our efforts.

MP Russell Wortley usually got a phone bill for $200 bucks. After getting the latest bill he went into what is known as “bill shock”.

“I was in shock, I only use my phone for mobile calls, so I knew there was a problem” Mr Wortley said.

His 13-year-old son was the culprit. You’ve got to watch those “little monsters”. The minor had downloaded “free games” on his dad’s impressive new iPhone without permission.

Mr Wortley failed understand that, while the smartphone had the capacity to download the applications, his phone plan did not. This may be covered in the fine print. Insiders say Mr Wortley may do well to bring in the legal eagles, as telecommunications companies are well known to overcharge people, just as banks are… the mongrels.

As of time of publication it was undetermined if the charges are from the actual download, or for the time his boy spent playing the “free games”.

“I can’t believe somebody would be charged $4000 for playing a game for one hour,” he said. “It sounds mind-boggling. “People should know that they, or their children, could be innocently downloading games which they think are free, but at the end of the day they end up costing thousands of dollars,” he said.

An update… to Media Man’s disappointment we have learned that Mr Wortley is now going to pay the bill himself.

The “bill shock” matter serves as a warning to those intending to play games on their iphones or whatever. Again, check your plan and the fine print. One may do well to take precautions and keep the iphone locked up somewhere safe if not using it… especially out of sight and grasp of young and inquiring minds.

The victim has even taken the complaint to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, who said he would follow it up with the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA).

AMTA chief executive Chris Althaus advise the industry group had contacted Senator Conroy’s office after the publicity over the Mr Wortley’s phone bill.

But Mr Althaus advised his take on precautions punters er consumers could take to avoid “bill shock”.

Pre-paid plans can help people who are virgins to determine how much data they are downloading without a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

Data monitoring can provide alerts to those on plans when they are reaching the end of their data limits.

“We’re very anxious that people get a sense of what their consumption might be because it’s a new format…there are…new applications and new ways of downloading content,” he said.

“The mobile data scene is going to be incredibly valuable to consumers, the economy and all manner of sectors … but we’ve all got to get a little educated along the way.

“It’s in nobody’s interest to have people in debt.”

iPhones – heaven or hell… take a bite out of the Garden Of Even if you will, but be prepared to meet the devil… ok, meet your accountant and the accounts receivable departments.

A number of Australian MP’s are looking to get some iphone applications banned, and are probing at least one Australian iphone app maker. Based on this this horror story it may be a good idea to further regulate the igaming sector, and they should further clean up the Australian telecommunications sector whilst they are at it. It’s no secret the Aussie comms sector has a number of “snake oil” salesmen and operators within, so let’s get the bad guys who give the industry a bad name.

Maybe the online slot games that have a “play for free” option, as well as “play for money”, aren’t such bad value for money after all. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Spin to win, but be alert to spin of a different kind from your friendly igaming data firm and telco.

Popular game titles such as Cleo (Cleopatra) and Tomb Raider are starting to hit the iphone market but the testers in the “rat lab” at Media Man reckon its better and safer to play them on a regular computer. Again, know what plan your on. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Media Man and Gambling911 want winners, not losers.

Know the odds, set limits and have fun… and if you have a “smartphone” aka iphone, be alert and take precautions.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company

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Casino News Media – Media Man – Articles


NRL Scandals in Australia Continue to Dominate News

More Censorship in Australia: Video Games New Target

Australian Land Based Casino News Update

Australian Sports Betting Scandals Continue With AFL

AFL, Sports Betting, Websites, Vice and Budgets

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Snookered by Snooker: Neil Robertson Wins Under Dark Cloud

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Underbelly in 3D: Crime Show Looks to Take Things Up a Notch

Professional Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Expands Gambling Biz

The Sin City Sydney Gambling On Vice Exhibition

Australia Internet Filtering Likely Won’t Be Introduced Now

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Australian Rednecks Jailed in Casino Attack on Indigenous

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Aussie Gambling Con Fails To Lay Golden Eggs In Hot Water

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Crown Casino Plays Restaurant and Hotel Card

Google Government Requests Tool Launched to Fight Censorship

Iron Man 2′ World Premiere Moves to L.A to Avoid Ash

Movie Box Office Futures Market Proposal Moves Forward

Australian Families of Crime

Planet Hollywood Offers Chance to See Marilyn Monroe’s Boobs

Movie Box Office Futures Betting Market Approved

Underbelly Triggers TV and Ratings Shootout

Third Installment of Underbelly a Ratings Bonanza

Gambling, Bikies, Drugs, Porn And Vice Inc. Down Under

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NRL Scandals In Australia Continue, by Greg Tingle – 10th May 2010

Sports fans and punters, think the Australian NRL sports scandal is old news? Think again.

Media Man and Gambling911 have learned that a new wave of untoward matters are happening to the great game of Rugby League and other sports, and some of the rorts are even tied to charities. It’s much bigger than “just” sports betting. There’s even a Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise real life ‘Underbelly’ link. No wonder the formally named Conrad Jupiters Casino at Surfers’ got rid of the “Conrad” tag.

Sports bets placed on the Melbourne Storm NRL for the “wooden spoon” may have been the recent trigger to recent Aussie sporting scandals, but we can now reveal that a number of Australian charities are being dragged into the investigation. It’s long been known that charity and philanthropic sector ventures can be used and abused as a way to clean wash aka launder and shuffle around money. We’ve all heard the story of “two sets of books”, and some punters will be acutely aware of ways in which extras can be given to players while in some cases, (technically), staying below the salary cap.

Two years again a number of Australian charities were investigated for rorts, scams and the like. The former ‘Just Enough Faith’ came off worse for wear, with proof that head of the charity was using substantial money raised to pour down the throats of poker machines aka “one armed bandits” at a number of NRL Clubs including Balmain Tigers, where much of the like was established. Former supporters of ‘Just Enough Faith’ included Australian casino king, James Packer, head of Crown Limited, and famous Australian actor Russell Crowe, ironically now staring in Ned Kelly … you know, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, so the story goes.

By the way punters, Gold Coast Titans are currently in the mix of new hot favorites for the “wooden spoon”! But, we’re not sure what may happen to those chances in the coming days, such is the intensive scrutiny of the game, and named club.

Charity And NRL Clubs…Storm Linked Charity, Who Is Next?

An insolvency company has an investigation on the way re payments made to various AFL players by a charity linked to the Storm NRL salary cap mess.

Investigators for the league are probing the now-defunct Unity Foundation to work out if the charity was used to steer money to Storm players outside the salary cap.

Insolvency firm Vince & Associates confirmed that it has also quizzed AFL players about payments they got from Unity Foundation, a charity established for Indigenous teenagers.

The players include many Essendon players and at least one St Kilda head, Network Nine Network reported on Thursday.

“We’re investigating the liquidation of Unity Foundation. Our investigations have identified some payments to players of Essendon and St Kilda and Melbourne Storm,” Vince & Associates director Kylie Wright said.

“We’re investigating all of the payments.

“We’re contacting all of the relevant parties and giving them an opportunity to provide an explanation in relation to those payments.”

Channel Nine reported the AFL and St Kilda politely declined to comment on the investigations involving the named charity.

Essendon top brass Ian Robson advised the payments to players appeared legit, although the Bombers were looking into the matter.

“From what I am led to believe from an initial two-hour glance the relationships are at arm’s length of the Essendon Football Club and appear to be bona fide, but we need to do some more investigation,” Robson said.

The NRL last month stripped the Storm of their 2007 and 2009 premierships and fined the club $1.6 million for long-term breaches of the salary cap.

Wooden Spoon Market Re Opens Despite Ongoing Scandals And Rumours

Centrebet, currently being seen as a strong purchase from a number of European – British gaming and betting giants, will re-open “wooden spoon” betting on the NRL next week.

The agencies revised market points deducted for salary cap breaches would not be considered, a decision that means the likes of underdog team Cronulla would again be the hot favourites to prop up an adjusted NRL ladder.

“We are just waiting on approval for some changes to the rules which will facilitate betting on the wooden spoon again,” Centrebet managing director Con Kafataris said. “We want to be covered if teams lose points again. For our our purposes any points deducted for things like salary cap beaches would not effect betting on the wooden spoon.

The team finishing with the least amount of points in terms of wins and draws would declared the wooden spooners when we paid out.”

Rumours have circulated this week among the betting agencies that another NRL team, Gold Coast Titans, could be stripped of points for a salary cap breach.

The NRL insists there has been no developments in regard to the Titans, who were cleared last month by the governing body’s auditor Ian Schubert of an alleged cap rort relating to claims from the developer Alex Simpson that he had been commissioned to build captain Scott Prince a new $400,000 house free of charge!

The legal matter between Simpson and the Titans is likely to reach a conclusion soon with Justice James Douglas from Brisbane Supreme Court, tipped to make a ruling by next week.

Simpson argues he is owed $4.2 million by the Titans over the club’s Centre of Excellence, which he was contracted to build until the project was fenced off in February over his failure to pay subcontractors. The Titans have moved with a counter-claim Simpson owes them more than $1 million.

Queensland’s corruption watchdog, the Crime and Misconduct Commission, is meanwhile following up on a complaint about the police investigation by Burleigh Heads police into a break-in at the Merrimac offices of Simpson’s company Simcorp in February.

Simpson has reportedly been interviewed by the ABC’s Four Corners, whose team are preparing a program examining alleged corruption and rorting of the salary cap in rugby league.

The ABC, Fairfax Media and AAP are keenly chasing a number of leads by insiders in the world of media, agents, gaming and sports betting. Media Man is assisting when and where possible, despite many people being extremely hesitant to speak out. Strong rumors persist of a number of death threats being made to those who look to further expose additional Australian NRL and AFL footy clubs. It’s appears only the brave and those of big heart, are likely to continue to blow the lid on the additional club scandals.

A Media Man birdie tells us there’s some hidden clues in this latest report as to who and what may be linked in an untoward fashion, but for legal and other reasons we can’t spell out too much as far as charity names and individuals at this stage of the game. Fairfax Media, namely The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, are tipped to the be outlets strongly following up, backed by solid legal eagles, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is fully expected to be regularly providing TV, radio and website reports and updates.

Based on legal advise, Media Man is not currently releasing the name of a prominent Queensland based charity being probed in relation to the Gold Coast Titans.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company

*The writer is a pro active member of Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and Virgin Unite

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PartyGaming Inks Deal With Aviation Club de France, by Greg Tingle


PartyGaming has inked its B2B deal in France is applying for a French gaming licence.

This deal sees Aviation Club de France, a land-based gambling venue off the Champs Elysees in Paris and France’s leading card room, maintain its world class status. The club is understood to sport in excess of 100,000 members. Aviation Club will join PartyGaming’s French poker network when laws permits it to go ahead.

Aviation Club de France will join other gaming operators on the network including PartyGaming’s own France-facing site,, current French racing powerhouse Pari-Mutuel Urbain (PMU), and television broadcaster AB Groupe, following an agreement inked last month.

PartyGaming is keen to see the French gaming licence granted and don’t foresee delays.

The licence system, which was approved by the French parliament last month, means that PartyGaming will switch off domestic casino and bingo when licensing is approved, resulting in the removal of annualised revenues of approximately $12m.

Media Man and its Casino News Media and Global Gaming Directory arms are very excited as to what this means to the continued global strategy and growth.

The gaming and news media world is following the progress of the PartyGaming deals in France to help evaluate their own strategy regarding gaming, government and land based projects.

Major U.S, Canadian and Australian based casinos and clubs are taking a very close look at this deal and how it pans out, advised a Media Man media and gaming spokesperson.

6th May 2010

Press Release

Aviation Club de France to join PartyGaming’s French Poker Network

PartyGaming, the world’s leading listed online gaming company, today announces its third B2B deal in France with an exclusive multi-year agreement to provide a white label online poker service for Aviation Club de France (“ACF”), one of the country’s most prestigious card rooms and private members clubs.

The new service, branded ‘ACFPoker’, will join PartyGaming’s expanding French poker network which will also include Once PartyGaming obtains the required licence and is operational, players on the network will benefit from a shared pool of player liquidity and operate on a single platform.

Founded in 1907 by four pioneering French aviators, today ACF has 100,000 members and is the leading card room in France. The club is a regular host of World Poker Tour’s events including the forthcoming Grand Prix de Paris to be held on 8-16 May 2010. The new online poker service will be promoted through a variety of channels to ACF’s extensive customer base.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Jim Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of PartyGaming, said:

“ACF is a great addition to our French poker network and allows us to directly connect with France’s offline poker players. This deal is a great strategic fit and together with our other B2B alliances in France, we are determined to establish a strong position in what we believe will become one of Europe’s largest poker markets.”



Aviation Club


World Poker Tour

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New Partnership with Full Tilt Poker.Net™ for the start of F1’s European Season

Full Tilt Poker (U.S, Australian, Canadian, South American players welcome)

As Virgin Racing prepares for the start of Formula 1’s European season in Spain this weekend, the team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Full Tilt Poker.Net™.

Full Tilt Poker.Net™ is now a major partner of the team with significant branding on the team’s VR-01 race cars, drivers and team apparel and other elements of the team’s on-track and off-track environment.

The partnership concludes discussions between the two parties dating back to the team’s inception last year.

Full Tilt Poker.Net™ is one of the world’s leading online poker schools. With innovative graphics, superior customer service and a safe, secure interface, the software is geared to enhance and personalise the educational and entertaining aspects of the online poker experience. Users of all skill levels can download the free software at and can play for fun and sharpen their poker playing skills for free.

Graeme Lowdon, Virgin Racing’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Full Tilt Poker.Net™ to Virgin Racing. We are proud to add an industry-leading brand to our healthy partnership portfolio and I am particularly pleased that we have worked hard together with a partner who has seen the team develop from its birth through to our first competitive steps. We look forward to going racing together with effect from this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, where Full Tilt Poker.Net™ will have a significant presence, and to helping the brand to achieve its marketing and business objectives in the longer term.”

“Full Tilt Poker.Net™ partnering with Virgin Racing is a brilliant culmination of a great deal of thought and effort on behalf of both brands. With two leaders in their respective fields coming together, this is sure to be a groundbreaking partnership on the global canvas, providing yet another level of excitement for all fans, ” said Team Full Tilt member, Chris Ferguson. “We are very excited to be associated with such a stellar brand as Virgin Racing and we look forward to launching this partnership in Spain.”.


Virgin Racing

Virgin Enterprises Limited

Full Tilt Poker

Formula 1


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Australian Video Game Censorship Minster News, by Greg Tingle – 8th May 2010

Censorship, both online and offline, and in this case, off the shelf, remains a red hot topic down under in Australia. Media Man and Gambling911 investigate and learn that fun and games (and delays) are just part of the ride.

Australian Federal and state censorship ministers have failed to make a final decision on R18+ rated video games despite expectations a meeting yesterday might produce an outcome.

A meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General yesterday instead opted to release a report into the extent of the consultation, showing there had been about 60,000 submissions of which 98 per cent supported allowing R18+ games to be sold.

But federal Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said the ministers were not yet able to make a decision.

Current laws set MA15+ as the highest rating for a game, meaning anything more explicit cannot be legally sold in Australia.

Any change to the laws would require unanimous support from state ministers.

The R Rated Superstar (Edge) WWE Superstar pro wrestler, was unavailable for comment, as was Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft in Tomb Raider) and Billy Murray (Captain Price in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare).

Media Man will follow up all parties and contact the Australian Communications and Media Authority office into the new week to satisfy the demand of the astute and loyal Gambling911 readership.

The head of one of the world’s largest computer game publishers has accused Australia of censoring video games.

Frank Gibeau, the head of interactive powerhouse EA Games, weighed into the debate on whether games in Australia should be granted an R18+ rating by writing an open letter to the Government criticising its lack of support for the adult rating.

Mr Gibeau said the current policy forcing developers to rewrite game code was “censorship”.

“Government policies that don’t allow for the rating of mature content in video games effectively censor entertainment choices for adults,” he said.

“These policies show a poor understanding of today’s video gaming audience.

“Existing legislation in Australia that limits age ratings of games to 16 demonstrates a distance between those policies and the reality of the video game industry and the people that play interactive games in Australia today.”

Mr Gibeau said adult consumers were entitled to be responsible for their own entertainment choices and the classification system for films had done a good job protecting children from inappropriate content.

“The spectrum of gamers is as wide as the viewership of television, movies, theatre, and the readers of books,” he said.

“Governments don’t insist that all books be written for children, or that all television shows be cartoons.

“Adult gamers want their governments to treat them with the same respect they get as movie-goers and book readers.

“Adult Australians should be allowed to choose the games they play, including those with mature themes.”

Mr Gibeau also warns the existing Australian policy towards gaming classification could also have a negative financial impact on the many talented local developers.

“Policy makers should consider the environment they create for game makers,” he said.

“Governments that design policies hostile to game developers and their creative medium will struggle to attract investment from the global industry.”

Richard Branson’s Virgin Games (and partner, Domain Game International), are currently looking to attract investment to move forward their international expansion plans of AWOMO (A World Of My Own), an online multiplayer gaming platform. Games to be released on AWOMO include Rome: Total War, Fifa Football Manager, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos and Tomb Raider: Legend. These will be offered in addition to Virgin Games’ current suite of online gaming products. Over 200 titles are expected to be added once complete. Potential investors can made contact via the AWOMO official website.

Virgin competitor, PartyGaming, which PartyCasino and brands are available to players in Australia, are understood to be watching the AWOMO space closely. PartyGaming is strong in the themed online gaming sector with branded titles including Sinatra, The Terminator, Mission: Impossible. Like Virgin Games, they also offer a range of Marvel Entertainment – Marvel Comics themed slot games, including Thor, due to hit the movie cinema in approximately 1 year. PartyGaming’s Noble Casino also offers iconic Iron-Man, however the Playtech powered Noble Casino has had some technical issues in the past few weeks. PartyCasino is working at 100% and Media Man has a number of reviews available for reading. PartyGaming and Virgin Games have both won a number of awards and commendations over the years and are regarded as two of the best and most trustworthy gaming brands in the world. Virgin was founded in 1970 and PartyGaming in 1997. PartyGaming remains listed on the London Stock Exchange.

What Next For Gaming In Australia?

It is currently unclear how this video game classification – censorship situation may or may not be related to Australia’s seemingly ultra censorship agenda, well documented by leading journalists, academics and social and political analysts. In the past week weeks bible bashers and other do gooder groups have lobbied government to see magazines such as FHM and Zoo Weekly disappear off newsagent and shopping centre shelves.

The report of gaming and gambling by the Australian Productivity Commission is currently due to finally be made public in approximately 1 month.

The government initiate to filter the internet down under is currently due to be actioned in 1 to 3 months, depending upon what report and source you choose to believe.

Ah, the fun and games continue.

Please adhere to your countries or jurisdictions laws regarding gaming and gambling.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Media Man publishes Virtual Worlds Media

*The writer is a pro active member of the Media and Entertainment Arts Alliance and Virgin Unite

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Australian Casino News

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Australian Land Based Casino News Update, by Greg Tingle – 8th May 2010

Australia is home to some of the world’s great casinos, hotels and resorts.

While the land down under has over a dozen land based casinos, there’s only three that both rate highly and grab the majority of headlines on a global stage. Enter James Packer’s Crown Casino in Melbourne, Tabcorp’s Star City in Sydney, and Jupiters Hotel & Casino on the Gold Coast.

Media Man and Gambling911 take our eye in the sky look at the landscape of the Aussie land based casino sector and bring you up to speed with what’s news down under…

Readers will be aware that there’s a “casino war” in the land of kangaroos, koalas and goannas at the moment. You would have to be Blind Fredy not to know about the ultra competitive showdown (and hunt for whales and dolphins) between Packer’s Crown Casino down south and Tabcorp’s Star City in ‘Sin City’ Sydney.

Crown Casino and Star City are following the global trend, largely driven forward from Las Vegas and Macau, of offering a total entertainment experience… not just gambling… you know, slots, poker, table games and the like. Whales aka high-rollers, have also demanded the changing face of the sector. Don’t get us wrong, the gambling aspect remains vital to the business model and to the punters, but for a variety of reasons Australian casino kings have employed a more holistic models. The reasons include being more government friendly, legal eagle elements and complimenting the larger casino, entertainment and lifestyle realms.

Some of the ramped up services and offerings as part of the industry development include but are not limited to:

Entertainment complex upgrades (including securing more world class acts, more often, to attract the crowds and keep all clients and business partners happy)
Hotel suite refurbishments
Private gambling room upgrades for high rolling VIP’s
Sports bar upgrades
Enhanced security – technology and more staff
Gulf Stream Jets aka Lear Jets for international high rollers in a hurry and who demand and casino afford the best

Aussie Casino News Bytes

Crown Casino: Hosted the Logies last week with 1000 guests in attendance. Broadcast on Network Nine Australia. Bert Newton did a fine job as host. One journalist / columnist was fired for what many saw as inappropriate Twitter – ing, including the editor of The Age newspaper. Upgraded website. Management in regular contact with sister casinos, City of Dreams Macau and Altira Macau. 100s more staff to be employed, some of which under the GenerationOne employment initiative, dedicated to helping get Indigenous Australians back into the workforce.

Star City: Has expanded their budget by another $100,000 or so. Is ordering 1 or 2 Lear Jets to help better compete with Crown Casino. Upgraded website.

Jupiters Gold Coast: Upgraded their poker room to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars, Mother Africa Circus of the Senses is showing at Jupiters Theater. Last week a casino courtesy bus was allegedly nabbed by a disgruntle contractor owned money. The case is currently in the courts. Jupiters is nearby to the beaches where major surfing competitions take place annually. Dreamworld (Hollywood On The Gold Coast) is only a short drive away from the casino. Upgraded website.

Burswood Entertainment Complex: Upgraded security, shows include Nitro Circus Live,
Cats, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson Tribute Show and Mammi Mia! Burswood is known to put on fantastic community fundraisers. American pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan drew a massive crowd at Burswood lat last year for his charity work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Virgin’s Richard Branson also did some impressive fundraising on site last month, with folks the world over keen to meet and speak to the entrepreneur. Branson’s Virgin Games remains keen to expand the gaming globally, including the AWOMO (A World Of My Own), and perhaps the face to face meetings with the media and political savvy Aussie Casino king, James Packer, won’t go astray. Upgraded website.

Casino Canberra: Blast From The Past: Are you a baby boomer? Then don’t dare miss Baby Boomers Blast from the Past, the ultimate live entertainment experience. Laugh, dance, party Friday 14 May at Casino Canberra. Watch comic impersonator Chris De Havilland bring to life the likes of Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, Joe Cocker, Neil Diamond, and many more baby boomer entertainers. On the 3rd of June – Aussie comedian legends…Austen Tayshus and Elliot Goblet! Austen Tayshus is described as a drunken yobbo’s worst nightmare, someone who can out gross you, out yell you and out last you. Austen Tayshus walks a skillful line between the truly offensive and the truly funny. And Elliot Goblet, the master of oodles of clever but unrelated one liners and the odd two liner as well. Both comedians are on one night of classic Aussie humour. Meet the Canberra Raiders NRL Raiderettes! Before Raiders games you have the opportunity to meet some of the Raiderettes and take advantage of the beer and snack footy pack. Galaxy Nightclub – Canberra’s hottest nightclub opens from 9pm every Saturday with the beats of the 70’s and the best of the 80’s. Come and hear the soundtrack of our lives. Galaxy has a NO GLASS policy!

The Reef Hotel Casino: 13th, 14th and 15th May – Lisa Hunt Returns. Soul, Disco & Motown. The way it should sound!

Lasseters Hotel Casino: Dead Centre Show N Shine – Today! – 8th May. Outlaw Drags Spectacular – 9th May

Australian Casino Directory List

New South Wales
Star City Casino (Sydney)

Crown Casino (Melbourne)

Conrad Treasury Casino (Brisbane)
Jupiters Hotel & Casino (Gold Coast)
Jupiters Townsville Casino (Townsville)
The Reef Hotel Casino (Cairns)

South Australia
Skycity Adelaide (Adelaide)

Western Australia
Burswood Entertainment Complex aka Burswood Casino (Perth)

Wrest Point Hotel Casino (Hobart)
Country Club Casino (Launceston)

Australian Capital Territory
Casino Canberra (Canberra)

Northern Territory
Lasseters Hotel Casino (Alice Springs)
Skycity Darwin (formerly MGM Grand Casino) (Darwin)

Media Man International Profile On Australia

Online Casinos, Online Poker and Sports Betting

Ok readers, we hear you… you also want to know some of the best places to play online (that accept Aussies) if your in or around the Asia Pacific – Australia (including Tassie) and New Zealand, so here it is…

Captain Cooks Casino

Betfair (sports betting only)

PKR (mainly poker and some casino and sports betting)


Media Man and Gambling911 remind our readers to keep the following in mind:

Take the time to research and learn games before placing down money

Media Man and Gambling911 are website portals. Not casinos as such, however are recognised as world leading websites that cover the sector and act as central points to games, news, reviews and more

Know the odds, set limits and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen sectors covered

*The writer owns shares in Crown Casino

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