Interview - Adriana Belotti

Interview: Adriana
Belotti. Technology, Bitcoin and Blockchain consultant - August 2018


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Media Man continues to interview some of the most switched on people around town. As we continue to learn the Bitcoin and Blockchain business we had the pleasure to meet and speak with an Australian based expert in these exciting sectors, Adriana Belotti.

What would you say you are best known and respected for?

For doing lots of things at once, but always finding time to help others. For helping develop the blockchain community in Sydney.

How did you get a break into the technology sector?

I don’t think I ever got “a break”. I’m always learning and I enjoy meeting new people to discuss technology. I work hard, but as little as possible. Efficiency over quantity.

How and when did you become an Australian based authority on Blockchain, and how would you rate your level of expertise on the sector?

I first learned about bitcoin in 2013, I have been studying and attending meetups ever since. In 2015, I joined the board of the Bitcoin Association of Australia, and served as their vice-president for a full year. I organise blockchain community events monthly.

I have a broad understanding of how blockchain technology works without deep technical knowledge.

Do you believe that many people get confused in the first instance between Blockchain, and Bitcoin, the crypto current gaining popularity (expect in China)?

Yes, at first, it is hard to understand the difference, but once you dig a little deeper, it becomes easier. It is like that with any new thing we learn.

Are you working on any projects that combine both Blockchain and Bitcoin, or would there be any important reasons to keep both totally separate from each others?

You can’t separate bitcoin and blockchain. It would be the same as trying to separate cars from the roads.

Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. Ether transactions are recorded on the ethereum blockchain, and so on. Blockchain is simply put, a public ledger that records transactions. These transactions can’t be reversed or erased. The ledger is public and all bitcoin transactions can be seen at all times, by anyone.

What business sectors do you think Blockchain will have the most impact on?

Finance and government.

Do you think its fair that some news media may be somewhat skeptically of Blockchain and / or Bitcoin?

Skepticism is often a consequence of lack of understanding. I think the media would benefit from learning more about crypto, before bashing it. I’m not saying everyone should like it or promote it, that’s a personal choice.

What do you most like about, and are there any real changes you would make to their business model or systems? is an interesting tool and has changed the way people connect. I would improve the quality of the services they provide to paid users, by releasing meetup management tools that meets the needs of organisers.

When is your next MeetUp in Sydney for those interested in learning more about Blockchain?

Blockchain Professionals are held on the 3rd week of the month, on Wednesdays. This month it’s on Thursday, 19th October and we’re having a full afternoon of talks, a startup showcase, as well as the regular evening meeting. Info can be found here

What's the biggest challenges you have overcome?

Uprooting my life and moving from Rio to Sydney. That was new and exciting, but also very stressful.

Quitting my job at a tech company to start my own business has also been challenging. However, having the freedom to pursue projects I’m really passionate about, and where I can make a greater impact, is really rewarding.

What is your main focus on Veredictum, and how bit is the challenge of stopping movie and television show piracy?

My work with Veredictum was to promote their ICO, which didn’t succeed in raising the minimum target. The main lesson was we got the timing wrong. We needed a few more months to get the buy in from the studios, before opening the sale. Veredictum’s leadership team is now looking at talking to wholesale investors and doing another funding round next year. Their project can make a real impact on the creative industry, I truly hope they get to build it.

What advice would you give to Netflix, Stan and the like to help further protect their intellectual property?

Get rid of geoblocking and let people pay less to watch only what they want. Cryptocurrencies provide the means to make micro-payments a reality. If more people could pay 0.50 cents per episode or movie to watch it anywhere, anytime; there would be less piracy.

Do you prefer Microsoft, Google or Apple, or would you be a fan of all of them?

I don’t have a preference. Different vendors for different needs.

Why is accountability in business and business systems so important, be it to sellers, buyers or introducers?

Because accountability leads to better quality, in all aspects of life.

Would you be willing to appear on a business based reality television show such as Ten's Shark Tank?

Nope, I don’t like reality TV.

What's your motto?

Be excellent to each other.

What do you do to relax?

Sail, read, spend time with friends.