Interview - Mick Cutajar

Interview: Mick Cutajar - October 2017


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Mick Cutjar (right)

1. What's your current projects?

i have completed volume 4 of 5 volumes of my judo counters and combinations, and feb 2017 saw the publication of safe and effective methods of tackling, we hope this will change the way athletes tackle one another and learn the new methods.

2. How is your rehab going?

this is a great time, i have never felt better and what was looking to be life change by way of ending many of my general life experiences such as walking riding bikes teaching kids even simple every day shopping was so hard is now back to normal.

3. What can you tell us about your recent stem cell operation?

stem cell well i can say this, do your searching before you decide to have any knee osteotomy or knee replacement. mid 2015 i sustained a fall, causing damage to the r knee meniscus all but sheered away, i was in great pain not been able to walk for more than 10min before stopping not able to walk stairs go surfing ride my bike everything was effected personally and professionally, its was over, i had spoken to 3 surgeons in Sydney and Queensland, all of who gave me the home hit,.. total knee replacement, i was gutted so depressed withdrawn,.. so i started to view the web on science, Fransisco had been doing stem cell treatment on athletes and general public for over 35yrs, then i small light came on,. i have a chance, i had several MRI and Xrays all showed severe damage and osteoarthritis eating away my joint. so after visiting a specialist in Brisbane i decided to visits a regenex at Napean private hospital for possible stem cell treatment 1 if i qualify 2 what chances do i have. so early 2016 i seen the stem cell specialist and yes i qualified so know i have hope. paid the 10k booked in march 16th they drilled both my hip bones and drew out bone marrow (its on my you-tube page 15min into the filming) after 48hrs i had no pain in the back or leg by day 4 i could walk up and down stairs, by day 12 i was able to cross my legs and not have any pain. by 17th day april7th all come to an end when a lady drove through an intersection side swiping my car smashing my knee causing more damage.. my partner was braced by me i took the full impact so she would be ok, that was the end of the stem cell treatment....... no just kidding NRMA were forced to pay for the treatment 16month later july28th 2017,.. we have reordered much of the rehab, and i can say stemcell has changed my life for the better the rehab has been insane at just how quick i have recovered on every level well recommended anyone who seen me over the past 2yrs would tell you im finished moving like an 70yr old, NOT ANY MORE,.. i will be back better.

4. What do you consider your highlights of the year so far, as well as your overall life and career highlights?

highlight of the year well being able to lead a normal life once again something so simple was taken from me ,. ive been given another chance...:) overall life the birth on my beautiful baby in fact i didnt know who ed sheron was until the birth strangely in the delivery room they had his songs playing 2 in-particular photograph and thinking out loud,. both of these were playing as the head was coming out and holding the baby and now when ever thinking out loud is playing the baby will stop crying and listen to the song,... bubs is almost 1 and still stops to watch the song on TV... very strange but for filling,..... and career wise well i have completed my masters in terrorism and security studies, with this being selected to present my maters paper at the world security conference to be held in Dhabi this would have been a big life change, sadly i was withdrawn 12hrs before due to leave the country, very sad but it gave me drive to complete several other qualification within the terrorism / security, paper is attached.

5. What's your motto?

to be the best and reach your gold you learn from your loses and accept defeat as a part of becoming a champion.

6. Are you open to any more film and TV projects, and what's been your favorite entertainment industry projects to date?

. of course im open to life behind the camera know of any auditions ??i feel at home playing other people,.. completed

hmm you know when you do a project 6yrs ago and think r well i did my best,.. well may 2016 i was advised by (Stan) Karpinski of Stanislaw the Directer of a feature film doco which i assisted with originally called 300 Spartans – The Real Story. well shoot me down we won best feature film which im listed in credits for action choreography. i actually had to research how battles were fort and weapons were held and used. most of my club members were part of the filming as well. another story to add to the CV.

here is the link of the awards

May 15th 2016 at the London Greek Film Festival the doco i assisted with all the fight scenes recently won best feature film category, where Im listed in the credits for action choreography Brief synopsis in English: "Thermopylae, Greece…This is the site of the most famous last stand in history! Go back 2,500 years to the wars between ancient Greece (West) and Persia (East). The Greco-Persian Wars 2,500 years ago were a clash between two peoples, two cultures, two systems of government and two continents. The first clash between East and West.” - Dr. Michael Scott (Cambridge and Bristol Universities). The first democracy in the world spawned the Greco-Persian Wars 2,500 years ago that shaped most of the world today, particularly our politics, but it also gave us some of the most iconic moments and curious mysteries in history...a time when history really did become legend. Leonidas and his 300 Spartans and The Battle of Thermopylae

7. Why's it important not to get caught up in entertainment industry and celeb hype?

he he well the press can and has made many and killed off much more, keeping a level head is a special tool you must have be nice dont take shit to personal.

8. What opponents, famous or not so well know, would you like to face?

i have this dream or image of a dream facing off against Teddy Riner is a French judoka. He has won nine World Championships gold medals, the first and only judoka to do so, and two Olympic gold medals. He has also won five gold medals at the European Championships, i have even told my coach i have had this image,.. wow wouldn't it something for the 2020 Olympics ill be well over 45 in Japan in the finals beating him, i want what he has this is life changing.

9. Who have been your toughest 3 matches in your career (either private or broadcast matches).

Kristof in 2010 pan pacs it took me 25 yrs to counter him and beat him and haven't done it again thank god hes now ole of my coaches ?? you know the other Dave frendon mma fight night in QLD 1999,. 18 min of pure fighting blood, hit, kick, knees, locks you name it it was in it, and changed many mma rules here in australia

10. Do you have any mentors, and if so, why them?

yes mr kristof krzysztof frankowski 4 time world master judo champion IJF 6th Dan and mr john Guljas IBF 5th Dan. kristof is one special person he has over 50yrs in judo 35 of them in contest you can not get a better methods coach he single handed changed my method to help me win 3rd at the 2014 world masters in Spain and in the heaviest division, with john he has the geound game covered and has increased my development 10fold. i hope to continue this once im back in 2018

11. What students of yours are you most proud of, and how are their careers going?

in 27yrs i have had many pass through my dojo and excel and then move on that's what coaching is about there are some special kids under 10 who have een with me since they were 5 who recently won medals at nationals then there are those who have been with me since they were 5-6 now 20 and excelled in their own ways. just recently one young lady won the juniors 2 golds then stepped up the next day to win the seniors aged only 16 beating 34yrs who are double her weight, now that was exceptional i really hope she stays on to go the next level.

12. What would you like to be best remembered for?

.. hmmm my efforts in helping those who needed that extra helping hand in personal development and learning to protect them selves, beat the bullies.. i was bullied as a kid sadly i still see their faces and know who they are, its not a nice feeling so im there to help. i hope my books ive written will continue to be used all over the world,

13. What's something about you the general public doesn't know?

.. :) my real age,.. i guess im the person they think i am or have been warned about, that's a biggy.

14. What do you do in your spare time to relax?

before well,... more judo more events,... write books,.. study,. thats was what helped me relax,...that was in spare time, my baby has this until i die lucky kid plenty of beach walks games.

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