Interview - Ken Dunlop - Retired professional wrestler and businessman

Interview: Ken Dunlop - Retired professional wrestler and businessman (Part 2) - August 2017

Ken Dunlop and Wayne 'Lofty' Pickford



Ken, who are your favorite pro wrestlers from the different eras?

You asked about favorite wrestlers, all from different eras , Aussie's Ken Medlin, Johnny Gray, Lofty Pickford, Psycho (Con) from Melbourne and Ricky Diamond. King Curtis, Mark Lewin, Bruiser Brodie, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race, Terry Funk. The best pure wrestling match l have ever seen was a 57 minute 2 out of 3 falls match with Ric Flair v Ricky Steamboat. l must have watched that match 20-30 times. l gave every young wrestler l taught a copy of that match. Lofty and l once tried to copy it in a 45 minute match, l had bruising on my chest from the chops for 2 weeks.

You asked what social good, hopefully l have already answered alot of that l have always been there for my boys and always tried to steer them in the right direction and give them good advice.
You always have to have a life plan after sport. l told all the boys to put a little bit of money aside from every match for the future. Most sporting careers don't last that long but wrestling you can last up to 30 years.

I retired in August 1988 at Ingleburn RSL, in the previous month on the 15th of July l was asleep in bed and woke up with the most incredible pain in my chest it was like someone had put a burning hot knife in me, l went to hospital and was told l had suffered a mild heart attack. l was 37 and it scared the shit out of me. l stopped training straight away and for some stupid reason l did a tag team match early in the August and then retired. However l did do 2 matches in Nov 2000. Luckily l had no damage to the heart but l have been on medication for it ever since and have to get checked out every 3 years, my family has a very bad history of heart disease so l have to be careful.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as someone who always tried hard, was always honest and respected by my piers.

I have not been involved in the business for 17 years except l did compare a show in Melbourne last year which l did enjoy. I have no desire to be involved anymore plus l haven't got the time
Wrestling was always good to me and l have the greatest memories and respect for the business.

A side note Greg maybe you can put in earlier some of the wrestlers that l have been on tour with over the years, Andre the Giant, Don Muraco, Killer Khan, Cyclone Negro, Spiros Arion, Kerry Brown, The Cuban Assassin, Mark & Jay Youngblood, Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and a few more l can't remember.

News update:

Greg since my my last post to you l have found out that my younger brother Allan who as you know wrestles as Red Hot Ricky Diamond is being inducted into the Australian Wrestling Fall Of Fame in Melbourne on November 4 this year. I am so proud of him and I'm pretty sure that we will be the only brothers in the Hall Of Fame in Australia, very proud.