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Interview: Eva Rinaldi, founder and director, Human Statue Body Art - 15th August 2010


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Following the tradition of Media Man, we interview one of Australia's greatest creative artists, make-up and body painter entrepreneur, the wonderfully talented and multi-award winning Eva Rinaldi.

What inspires you?

I could list so many things, It could be something someone said or something I’ve seen. I love to people watch if I’m waiting in the car while my son goes into the grocery store. You wouldn’t believe the simple things you’ll notice about people. A wonderful older person who can barely walk or park for that matter but still wants to do their own shopping and not give up that independence just yet. I create in my mind what there life may have been like and what it’s like right now. I’ve also seen wonderful acts of kindness. It’s amazing what you can see if you truly open your eyes every day of life. One time I heard a couple fighting in front of my house, I guess they didn’t realize that I was watching them from my window looking like Mrs. Mangle, it made me sad because I realized they were both probably overstressed from working so hard each day. I love nature, animals, cooking, writing, reading, my son, my wonderful sisters and brothers and all of these things inspire me but there are hundreds more; it’s not one thing I can really pinpoint. I love riding my bicycle seeing things along the way but it’s most anything that I will find inspiring in some way. I think it’s more about how the person sees things in general. Many times it’s like a wheel that starts turning the moment you spot something inspiring. I guess everyone who feels they are creative will have a different opinion. That's why they are so creative!

Favorite animal, and have you got to paint it? Explain

I grew up in a Italian family, my dad used to take me on hunting trips when I was a little girl, I hated it because I had so much love and passion for animals, my father tried all his life to live off the hunting club.. He succeeded.. I have had occasional success and some thudding flops, but stubbornly continue on.
My favorite animal are horses, I haven’t painted one as I believe we shouldn’t paint animals most of the paints are not tested on animals. When I lived on the farm I had a pet goat called Margaret, she used to eat everything all my roses and my clothes of the line she was really naughty sometimes.. Well it wasn’t too long before she got into my paints one particular day I was doing a photo shoot on our property. By the time I got back I noticed her face was all covered in paints, she ate them all and looked so cute with her white fur and nose was covered in colourful paints. I will never forget that day. The very next day she died..It was very painful and sad to lose such a wonderful friend, my father told me it was probably a snake that killed her but I believe the paint poisoned her..Mum always says she knows that there is a guardian angel “Margaret” in heaven waiting to get her favorite apples from us...

Why and how did you discover your talent for art, and in particular, body paint?

I was raised with the notion that struggle was noble, and often wondered if penniless poses a strangely familiar comfort zone, it would explain the suicide tango and the long projects that allow my bank balance to spiral towards zero. We lived next to nothing 6 brothers and sisters but seemed to enjoy everything and anything, that is anything but new..Survivalist creativity and more often just survival is simply what I know and do best.. Worrying about money is not creative, but the pursuit of creativity is one of the most expensive things around. This is a bit of a funny story, I’m a makeup artist and I teach makeup artistry. I was approached by Hustler magazine at one of the schools I was teaching at, I won't mention any names, he asked me to work on their cover, anyway I will cut the long story short. I was at the local News agency one afternoon and noticed my body painting produced on the cover of a magazine I wont mention what cover it was on either, anyway I realized he lied to me, he didn’t even pay me for it either lol, anyway the bad thing he did to me turned out good in a way because that’s when I was discovered I had a thing for body paint and my phone didn’t stop ringing..hehehe So if your reading this right now “I forgive you and Thank you."

Tell us about some of the great social and community causes you have mixed in with your passion for body paint?

One of the projects I’m working on at the moment are people with disabilities.
A lot of amazing projects coming up with Keith Richards, Dulux, Audi and I’m working on a book at the moment… I’m so very excited..

Do your family get involved in the painting also?

My brothers are the real artists in the family, my son Joseph occasionally helps me mix my paints…When I was a little girl my brothers and I believed my parents could make anything after my dad built a doll house for his ferrets and mum painted the entire interior by hand, mum knitted me and my sisters sweaters for Christmas... We believed in Henri Matisse instead of Santa Claus, we were told Vincent Van Gogh’s astounding misfortunes as a regular bedtime story. “Vincent never saw a nickel.. but he believed”.

Who would you like to meet and bodypaint, who you haven't yet?

I would love to paint some of the politicians lol perhaps make them look beautiful because they always look so grumpy, serious and stressed.. I believe anything is possible.

How do you determine what's arty, great bodypainting, or sexy, or can it be all of these attributes?

I think everything in life is art.
What you do, how you dress,
The way you love somebody and how you talk,
Your smile and personality,
What you believe in, your personality and all your dreams
The way you drink your tea
How you decorate your home or party,
Your grocery list, the food you make
How your writing looks
And the way you feel.
Life is art..

When your not bodypainting, what do you like to do? (we have a broad audience, so keep it clean : ) lol

I love to ride Raja lol… (my horse) hehehe

Does your star sign match up with your style of body painting?

Some Scorpio’s are the most brilliant money makers in the world (think Bill Gates, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner and Australia’s talented Larrikin, John Singleton), but that doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard and long for our money either, I believe you’re a Scorpio too Greg lol.. Scorpio’s are special, even the name Scorpio stands out from the other zodiac
Scorpio’s resilience and perseverance, come naturally, if at first you don’t become wealthy, you keep trying.. Life is not meant to be a stroll down easy street.. It’s more likely that you may need to go down the very deepest and darkest realms of human experience to realize how nice it is here on planet Earth surrounded with your mates, family and pets. You may even have to lose the things or people you value to know what all the things you have around you truly mean to you and realize that your family and friends are your highest heartfelt priorities.. Life is designed to teach you all kinds of lessons, and it does with you the tough way-because tough is really the best way you learn things. Well the best way I learn anyway...

What are your favorite moments in the world of bodypainting?

I love replicating corporate logos it’s so much fun working with clients getting inside their brain trying to discover the look they want to achieve and then going back to the office designing it and getting the okay from the client... I love designing costumes for human statues and putting together shop front window displays those would be my favorite moments watching people stop and take photographs seeing their expressions on their faces and their jaws drop and then watching them walk inside the store to get a little bit closer to see if they are real… it’s not something you see everyday always so much fun… I love it..

Welcome to the family…

Editors note: Eva is one of the most talented and creative people we have ever interviewed, and deserves all of the success she is currently enjoying.


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