The History Of ASTRA

Subscription broadcasting and open and subscription narrowcasting services were new categories of broadcasting services introduced with the Broadcasting Services Act, 1992. (the BSA).

These new services added to the mix of existing categories of service, being the national broadcasting services (ABC and SBS); commercial broadcasting services (commercial TV and radio); and community broadcasting services (previously public broadcasting).

ASTRA was formed in September 1997 with the amalgamation of the Federation of Australian Narrowcasting Subscription Services (FANSS) and the Confederation of Australian Subscription Television (CAST) to represent these new services interests.

ASTRA's Role


ASTRA’s role is to provide its members with a strong presence by providing a single, unified voice on issues affecting subscription television.

ASTRA represents:

satellite services;

narrowcast television services;

program channel providers;

subscription television operators; and

communications companies and other associate members.


ASTRA develops its own codes of practice that are applicable to the broadcasting operations of the subscription television industry. These codes are developed in consultation with the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), taking into account any relevant research conducted by the ABA, appropriate community safeguards and public consultation. (Credit: ASTRA).


Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association