Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms


Brothers In Arms (Network Ten)


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About the Wars

In the 1970s and early 80s, the outlaw bikie scene was in its fledgling days. More wild west than organized crime, the Comancheros vied with many other motorcycle gangs for territory.
As the tribes fought, the Comancheros were also fighting their own internal battle, with the Supreme Commander, Jock Ross, recruiting men to his club with the purpose of being the one dominant motorcycle gang in Sydney and eventually Australia.

Not everyone agreed with his tactics.

When the men challenged him, Jock split the club in what was a betrayal of his most loyal acolyte, Anthony “Snoddy” Spencer. With this act, Jock Ross misjudged the feelings of his men. Instead of staying with him, the majority mutinied, sticking with Snoddy who formed the Bandidos. And the seeds for Milperra were sown. With powerful forces within each of the rival clubs demanding retribution, a series of tit-for-tat attacks led to war being declared.

The winner would take all from the final battlefield that was to be the bikie swap meet at the Viking Tavern in Milperra on Fathers Day 1984.

Who's Who:

The Comancheros The Bandidos
Jock - Supreme Commander of the Comancheros Snoddy - President of the Bandidos
Foggy Caeser
Leroy Chopper
Kiddo Shadow
Snow Bull
Kraut Davo
Sunshine Junior
Dog Roo
Sparra Lard

Based on the book by Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson
A Screentime production for Network Ten (Credit: Channel Ten)


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