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Gelato Bar Restaurant

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Ahead by a nose, by Keith Austin - 8th July 2003
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

They say it's good to feed a cold, and Bondi's Gelato Bar cure is not to be sniffed at.

In Whitechapel, east London, there used to be a rightly famous kosher restaurant called Blooms . There also used to be a young journalist who, when working nearby, would nip up the road to Blooms for a cheap and cheerful pig-out.

How those memories came flooding back when Popsi Bubblehead and I visited the Gelato Bar Restaurant on Campbell Parade recently.

This has to be one of the most inaptly named places in the world. Its name comes from an Italian ice-cream, it has a front window display that makes it look like a cake shop and yet, deep inside its charming faux-art deco decor, you can feast on crumbed chicken livers with mash and cucumber salad.

And, yikes and away, my mum used to make cucumber salad like this on Sunday afternoons after we got back from the bagel shop.

But enough of the memory lane stuff. We are here because Popsi is not a well bunny. She has been laid low by the dreaded flu lurgy and a friend has suggested nay, ordered that she get some Jewish penicillin inside her.

This takes the form of Gelato's matzo dumpling soup (with free crusty bread) and is perhaps the closest mankind will ever come to curing the common cold. Within minutes of getting the chicken broth inside her, Popsi's nose has ceased to glow and therefore is no longer a danger to shipping.

As a gesture of solidarity I have the chicken noodle soup, which comes with noodles and carrot in place of the planet-sized dumplings that are wobbling around in Popsi's bowl.

This is winter fare par excellence and, if you weren't a guts like me, would be enough to keep you going for days. Unfortunately, I cannot refrain from ordering the chicken livers, too.

These look a little like deep-fried chicken wings and arrive piled high on a large plate. At times liver can be a little dry but the cucumber salad (which is essentially a bowl of sliced cucumber in a vinegary marinade) offsets this marvellously.

The mash isn't so much mash as fluffy boiled potatoes but the combination of the three is good. I'm not convinced by the little plastic cup of tartare sauce, though. I think it must have snuck in from a fish and chip shop.

And what I can also do without is Popsi's assertion that eating too much liver can lead to an overdose of vitamin A in which your bones bleed (I am going to have to cancel her subscription to Fortean Times). While I try to digest both my liver and this charming fact, she adds that you would have to consume the equivalent of a "woolly mammoth" for this to happen.

This is not at all helpful because I seem to have that equivalent on the plate in front of me. Luckily, I cannot eat it all and am saved from myself.

Next time I am going to have to try the boiled beef and sauerkraut but I am going to leave the Bubblehead at home in case eating too much sauerkraut makes your eyeballs bleed.

Tried Matzo dumpling soup ($8.50), chicken noodle soup ($7.50), crumbed chicken livers ($21)
Bottom line for two $37