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Reg Grundy Organisation was an Australian television production company founded by Reg Grundy (born Reg Grundle) in 1959. It has since branched out into Europe and the USA. The company first produced game shows, before branching into soap operas in 1973. In 1995, Reg Grundy sold the company to Pearson PLC, which has since become known as FremantleMedia and is part of the RTL Group (in turn 90% owned by Bertelsmann). Recently, FremantleMedia has merged Grundy Television and Crackerjack Productions to form FremantleMedia Australia.


After success in radio, Grundy's first TV production was Wheel of Fortune, which launched on Nine Network in 1959. Another show with this title celebrated its 25th anniversary in Australia, a week before its cancellation in July 2006.

In the late 1980’s Reg Grundy established Grundy World Wide Limited. He created and operated local, independent television production and distribution companies in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

FremantleMedia (then Pearson Television) acquired the Grundy group of companies in 1995. On August 30th 2006, FremantleMedia announced they would merge Grundy Television with their other Australian production company, Crackerjack Productions, to form a single 'super' production company called "FremantleMedia Australia". The new company is now managed by the management team from Crackerjack, with Mark Fennessy as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his brother Carl Fennessy as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Simon Spalding (FremantleMedia Director of Asia Pacific Operations) said in an interview that Grundy Television's premises in Sydney are to be refurbished and that once complete, all Sydney based staff will be located there. He claims that this will help to create a 'deeper' production facility and is not a cost cutting exercise. Spalding also said that although the Grundy name would be disappearing, he was looking at how FremantleMedia could retain the Grundy name and the heritage associated with it. One compromise re-brand mooted by die-hard Grundy nostalgics is "FremantleGrundles Australia".


The company had several divisions in other countries:

* Reg Grundy Productions was the United States division. This is now defunct, having been absorbed into Fremantle Media, along with Mark Goodson Productions. Their U.S. office was headquartered in West Los Angeles, near Century City.
* Grundy Light Entertainment - the still active German division, which produces such shows as Familien-Duell, Ruck Zuck (best known of Grundy's German game shows), Das Quiz mit Jorg Pilawa, Hopp oder Top, Q-Boot, and owns the rights to Der Preis ist Heiss.
* Grundy France EURL - the now defunct French division which was best known for producing Questions Pour un Champion, along with other programs Le Juste Prix, 100%, and La Gym de Neurones.
* Grundy Productions Italy SpA - the now defunct Italian division, which produced programs like Furore, Greed, and $20, based on the Australian game show The $20 Challenge.
* Grundy also had a UK division, best known for producing Going for Gold, a big hit on the BBC for ten years. It also owned the rights to two Bruce Forsyth-hosted games-- Bruce's Price is Right and (Bruce Forsyth's) Play Your Cards Right.
* Their Swedish operation produced a local version of Sons and Daughters - Skilda Världar. It also produced the Swedish version of Card Sharks - Lägt Kört Ligger.


It is produced by Grundy Television

* Australia's Most Wanted
* Australian Idol
* Class of '74
* Bert's Family Feud
* Burgo's Catch Phrase*
* Glenview High
* It's a Knockout
* Neighbours*
* Nerds FC
* Perfect Match
* Prisoner
* Richmond Hill
* $ale of the Century, and later Temptation
* Sons and Daughters
* Superquiz
* The Price Is Right
* The Restless Years
* The Young Doctors
* Wheel of Fortune*
* Who Wants to Be a Millionaire



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