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Look-a-likes include: Richard Branson, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Irwin, George Bush, James Bond, Bill Clinton, Ozzy Osborne, Cher, John Wayne, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe

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Profiles Of The Month: Club Forster, Neptunes Lounge Santa Stone

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Eva Rinaldi is the director of Human Statue Bodyart, Eva Rinaldi Photography and Music News Australia.

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Club Forster, Neptunes Lounge Le Pub

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Ferrari Tourism Australia John Travolta Sex And The City Sydney Opera House Peroni

The Sydney Morning Herald She Hulk Spider-Woman KISS Katy Perry M.C.A

Themed to your requirements, this live visual art performed by costumed and body painted dancers is an elegant addition to any event. Statues on plinths! Roving through crowds!

Choreographed Stage performances! Live Table Centre Pieces, Gargoyls, Aliens etc. Costumes from stock or specially designed: Full body paint finishes the styling. Metallic Gold, ornate, layered, elegant, renaissance. Futuristic Silver, Stark Colbolt Blue, Red, Classic Marble, Mermaids, Living logos.


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Artist Profiles

Eva Rinaldi

Bell Boy


Take A Bite Out Of Life - 16th February 2012
(Credit: mX)

Model Laura May looks good enough to eat ahead of the launch of March Into Merivale tonight. The launch will include a gourmet extravaganza stretching the length of Ash St and into the Ivy room from 6pm to 9pm. The festival's theme is Eat My Words this year and will feature more than 60 culinary events across 21 venues until April 5. www.merivale.com

*Human Statue Bodyart helped create the model's look featured in today's front page news story on 'March Into Merivale'.


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Her body of work is healthy

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Media Man is the business manager of Human Statue Bodyart, Eva Rinaldi Photography and Music News Australia

Media Man associates also include:

George W Bush - Brent Mendenhall

John Wayne - Ermal Williamson

Cher - Candi Stratton