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The Voice news media report; Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia - 12th June 2012

The Voice enjoyed a media conference at Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, this morning, with Voice coaches and finalists there to help promote the smash hit TV show, as the finals approach via Channel Nine.


The culling of eight singers from The Voice last night has set the stage for a controversial finale Channel Nine's talent comp.

Rachael Leahcar, Sarah De Bono, Darren Percival, and Karise Eden will battle it out in next week's grand final.

Only one singer per team was permitted to go through and critics and viewers took to Twitter to complain about the final line-up.

The ruling meant fan favourites on the same team were culled.

Both Leahcar and Percival battled a virus as well as the high-pressure nerves, which told in their limited vocal performances last night.

Good Charlotte rock god Joel Madden, who had culled Prinnie Stevens and Layken Heperi, chose Sarah DeBono over popular lad Ben Hazlewood.

During the show's preamble, Madden likened the semi-final line-up to The X Men: "We all have super powers. No one is better than anyone else."

The final performances will be on Sunday, with each contender performing one cover and one original song. The winner revealed on Monday night, no doubt to massive TV ratings, the likes of which have not been seen by Nine for years, is the inside word.

Each contender will perform one cover and one original song.

May the best man or woman win, and hopefully its also a win for the Australian entertainment industry.


Australian TV Report With Ratings - The Voice leads...

The Voice leaped to 2.13 million viewers as the talent show heads towards to its finale.

That figure (based on actual broadcast time - not the preliminary figure of 2.15 million) is up on last Monday's 1.90 million audience in the capital cities and it appears the two finales on Sunday and Monday should hit around three million viewers for Nine.

The program gave Nine a 29.6 per cent channel share against Seven's 21.0 per cent and ABC1's 13.3 per cent, with its current affairs line-up led by 736,000 viewers for PM Julia Gillard's appearance on Q&A.

A key result for Nine was Tricky Business's performance into its fifth week. Preliminary figures from OzTAM demonstrate the Aussie drama rose to 1.091 million viewers, higher than its launch episode in May. But the actual figures based on broadcast times show the drama starring Gigi Edgley averaged 682,000 viewers with its number rocketed by The Voice's over-run as "Team Seal" decided its contestant for Sunday and Monday's finale.

Seven News came in second for the night with 1.55 million viewers and rare wins over Nine in Sydney and Melbourne. The Block continued to build for Nine, up to 1.49 million in the 7pm slot, besting Masterchef Australia (1.08 million), ABC News (1.05 million) and Home and Away (1.01 million).

Revenge continued its awesome run for Seven with 1.218 million viewers.

ABC1 had a stronger Monday night than usual, led by Q&A. Four Corners was up to 734,000 viewers, Australian Story 719,000 and Media Watch 712,000, all well up on their 2012 averages in the 600,000 region.

Fox Sports Monday Night Football match between the Panthers and Warriors bested the platform, with 278,000 viewers while 210,000 watched the afternoon AFL match between Melbourne and Collingwood. Seven's AFL figures were not yet available for publication.


1 THE VOICE Nine 2,154,000

2 SEVEN NEWS 1,549,000

3 THE BLOCK Nine 1,485,000

4 TODAY TONIGHT Seven 1,296,000

5 NINE NEWS 1,279,000

6 REVENGE Seven 1,218,000

7 A CURRENT AFFAIR Nine 1,137,000

8 TRICKY BUSINESS Nine 1,091,000


10 ABC NEWS ABC1 1,053,000

11 HOME AND AWAY Seven 1,006,000

12 THE FORCE - BEHIND THE LINE Seven 998,000


14 TEN NEWS AT FIVE Ten 837,000



Media Man does not represent The Voice, Shine Australia or Channel Nine



Australian TV Ratings - Sunday 18th March 2012

1 My Kitchen Rules 1,710,000 2 Aust FIA Formula One 1,399,000 3 Sunday Night 1,304,000 4 60 Minutes 1,187,000 5 Seven News 1,179,000

Australian Box Office...

This Week TITLE Weeks In Release Last Weekend ($) Total Gross ($)

1. John Carter NEW 3,092,526 3,092,526

2. Project X 2 1,098,478 2,920,967

3. Contraband 3 727,100 4,474,648

4. This Means War 4 673,397 7,263,919

5. The Vow 5 550,206 10,439,780

6. Safe House 5 429,402 8,131,194

7. The Artist 6 406,205 3,375,922

8. The Devil Inside 2 380,884 1,339,572

9. Hugo 9 296,163 9,830,145

10. My Week With Marilyn 4 228,551 2,161,960

11. Headhunters NEW 190,187 222,992

12. A Separation 2 173,093 563,630

13. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 3 145,330 1,187,455

14. The Grey 4 132,988 2,295,195

15. The Descendants 9 120,235 14,930,061


Ratings system for the future, by Michael Bodey - 20th March 2008
(Credit: The Australian)

A NEW pay-TV ratings system is likely to give Foxtel, Austar and pay-TV sales group Multi Channel Network (MCn) and their advertisers a break on their free-to-air TV rivals next year.

Foxtel and regional pay-TV group Austar, in conjunction with MCn, yesterday announced the launch of a new digital television audience measurement system (AMS) to begin mid-2009.

It will be the largest measurement system in Australia, providing viewing results from a panel of 10,000 Australian subscription TV homes.

It will give the pay-TV providers research into how Australians are adapting to the digital TV environment, the acceptance of the new standard definition and high definition multi-channels and trends in time-shifted viewing.

No one was willing to admit it was a competitive service to OzTAM's, which measures free-to-air and pay-TV viewing. Rather the new system is seen as complementary.

It will give pay-TV providers robust information about audience engagement with all aspects of their platform's programming, advertising and interactive features.

"For advertisers, it's all about accountability and increasing the level of accountability is not able to be delivered by existing measurement systems," said Austar's chief executive officer John Porter at the annual Australian Subscription Television & Radio Association conference in Sydney. "It will really measure the level of engagement with programming and by default with the advertising."

OzTAM will not begin reporting time-shifted free-to-air TV viewing until February 2010 with its next-generation TV measurement system Unitam, although unofficial data is expected to be provided to the networks by mid-2009.

The urgency for this is now paramount as the FTAs are unlikely to like the pay-TV providers having a research edge with advertisers.

The new digital broadcast environment was a key focus for Mr Porter and Foxtel chief Kim Williams at the conference.

Mr Williams dismissed the FTA broadcasters as "not adaptive or responsive" and compared them to the textile and footwear industries.

"And like all protected industries, while they negotiate the terms of being less protected, they eventually diminish."

Mr Williams said their multi-channel roll-out had been "particularly inept" and he pilloried the expected launch of the FreeView brand, which plans to consolidate the Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC, SBS and regional TV networks' digital channels.

"FreeView is a slogan not a product and there's a very big difference between a piece of branding or sloganeering and a delivered product," he said.

He added the rush to acquire programming for their new standard definition digital channels, which launch in January, will stretch their finances.

"I'm aware of the number of product deals they've been doing and if they continue to pay the sort of money they've been paying to build up their catalogues for FreeView, let it roll, because let me tell you, they're going to go out of business," he said.

Mr Williams said the free-to-airs were paying multiples of five to 20 times the going rates for programming, which is believed to be primarily in the general entertainment area.

Both Mr Williams and Mr Porter were characteristically optimistic about pay TV's future, despite the threat of the internet, new FTA channels and a recession.

Mr Porter said interest rate rises mean some subscribers drop off but: "It's a very small percentage of our customer base (and) there is no substantial impact on the financial side of our business".

Mr Williams also noted the troubled launch of Foxtel's new subscriber management system, particularly the failure of technicians to adapt to new voice recognition software, was close to being resolved.


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