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Immerse yourself in the STAR TREK™ universe while you travel through 30 paylines of thrilling action and four futuristic Free Spins bonuses, each based on a STAR TREK™ officer:

In KIRK'S Bonus, step into the daring mind of Captain Kirk who doesn't believe in no-win scenarios. Spin until you win and all wins are tripled.

In SPOCK'S Bonus, prepare to be emotionally compromised. Spock literally goes wild. Wild Spock symbols appear on most reels, greatly increasing the value of your Free Spins.

In UHURA'S Bonus, all communication channels are open. All Free Spins are enhanced with super scatter awards for getting three or more Uhura or Wild symbols anywhere on the reels.

In SCOTTY'S Bonus, Scotty's giving it all she's got just for you. Start with 10 Free Spins and up to a 5X multiplier. After the 5th Free Spin, Scotty doubles your multiplier for your remaining Free Spins.

Not only are there a huge number of bonus opportunities to explore, every bonus is retriggerable multiple times.

Play STAR TREK™ and your winnings may increase at warp speed!


You can trigger an Officer Bonus with two Bonus symbols anywhere on the second and third reels, and then the appropriate Officer Bonus symbol (Kirk Bonus Symbol, Spock Bonus Symbol, Uhura Bonus Symbol or Scotty Bonus Symbol) anywhere on the fourth reel.

This transitions you to the transporter room where you beam up your Free Spin opportunity. Click one of the three energized transporter pads to obtain your value.

From the transporter room, you move to your officer's Free Spin round. Your effective bet per line on each Free Spin is the same as the bet per line on the reel spin that triggered the bonus.

You can retrigger your bonus by getting three Bonus symbols anywhere on the middle three reels. When you retrigger the bonus, you receive the same number of Free Spins (or in Kirk's bonus, Win Spins) that you received initially. The number of additional Free Spins or Win Spins is not affected by any bonus win multiplier. You can earn up to a maximum of 250 Free Spins in any one bonus.


From the transporter room, beam up the number of Win Spins you've earned. For each Win Spin, spin until you win. In this way, your number of Win Spins only decrements if you get a winning Free Spin. Your total number of Free Spins is limited to 250. Also, the retriggering of the bonus is counted as a win.

When you get a win, all awards are tripled. Also, there is a special Kirk/Spock symbol that substitutes only for Kirk and Spock symbols. This greatly increases your chance of getting higher paying Kirk and Spock awards.


From the transporter room, beam up the number of Free Spins you've earned. There are Wild Spock symbols on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. Extra Wild Spock symbols have been added to most reels. Also, all Kirk pays are doubled, emphasizing that Kirk is always more valuable when Spock is around.


From the transporter room, beam up the number of Free Spins you've earned. There are additional super scatter pays for getting three or more Uhura or Wild symbols anywhere on the reels. You can get up to eight Uhura and Wild symbols on the reels at once for a huge award. These scatter awards are paid in addition to any line awards for getting Uhura and Wild symbols.
Initiated by getting 3 or more Chuzzle Reaction symbols in View.
To win, you need to Match 3 or more consecutive symbols connected either horizontally and/or vertically to win a cash payout. It is possible to get more than one win in a single scramble. Payouts increase depending on the number of matching symbols you have.
NOTE: There are no payouts for symbols connected diagonally.
After any win the icons involved in those particular wins will disappear allowing all icons above drop down, potentially creating more wins.
The feature continues until no further wins are available, where the player is awarded the amount in their Winnings display.


From the transporter room, beam up your award multiplier. After the first five Free Spins, your multiplier doubles in size, greatly increasing the value of your remaining Free Spins, including any Free Spins gained from retriggering the bonus.



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Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment series and media franchise. The Star Trek fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry is the setting of six television series including the original 1966 Star Trek, in addition to ten feature films with an eleventh completed to be released on May 8, 2009. The franchise also extends to dozens of computer and video games, hundreds of novels and instances of fan fiction, several fan-created video productions, as well as a themed attraction in Las Vegas. Beginning with the original TV series and continuing with the subsequent films and series, the franchise has created a cult phenomenon and has spawned many pop culture references. (Credit: Wikipedia)


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Star Wars

STAR WARS slot machine

All Too Queasy: Virgin Airlines' Unique Collectibles - June 14, 2005
(Credit: Star Wars official website)

While some Star Wars fans collect action figures or comics, others are on a quest to find unique items that most of us only notice when a plane ride gets a bit too action-packed. In collaboration with Virgin Airlines and Activision, LucasArts has released limited-edition airsickness bags to promote the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Video Game, available in stores now.

Available on Virgin Atlantic flights, the four designs include: Knowing Your Lightsaber, Lightsaber Etiquette, The Art of Jedi Combat and Seating Jedi and Sith. The backs of the bags all have the same Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Video Game cover art. The collectible bags are limited in number and will be available while supplies last.

"Three of the four designs were re-jigged from an industry-only sales brochure for the Episode III video game," Head of Media of Virgin Atlantic Lysette Gauna says. "The last design -- with the aircraft seating plan -- was specially designed by the agency that put together the final bags: Hijack Media, based in London."

This also marks the first time Virgin Atlantic has had airsickness bags promoting a LucasArts video game, but after the airline ran a competition last December for designers to create original art for sick bags, they quickly became sought-after collectors' items.

"The reaction has been really positive," Gauna says. "Some crew will make passengers aware of them, others allow them to discover them themselves -- and of course there are also some people who, from the press reports, are aware of them already and eager to get their collection going."

While some of the bags are instructional in nature, giving passengers tips on how to handle and fight with a lightsaber, another bag offers advice to the airline staff on where to seat the Jedi and Sith. Which begs the question, which Star Wars characters can properly handle themselves on a Virgin Atlantic flight?

"Anakin would make the best pilot with his skills -- remember the Podrace in Episode I?" Gauna suggests. "The best cabin crew member would have to be C-3PO -- a protocol droid would make for a happy cabin. I imagine Count Dooku would have a few issues if he didn't have the entire plane to himself, which would make him the most likely unruly passenger. And I have a feeling General Grievous wouldn't get past the metal detectors without a fairly thorough frisking."

To read more about Virgin Atlantic, visit the official web site here.


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