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Bray Wyatt seems to have stepped out of the collective population’s nightmares and into our reality. A man shrouded in mystique, not much is known about Wyatt, other than he seems to have a mission to bring his version of the “truth” to NXT.

As the head of the Wyatt Family, Bray leads his followers in search of a higher purpose on NXT. Dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and donning a fedora, the mysterious Wyatt’s calm speeches about the “truth” often end in explosive violence.

Wyatt remains an eerie and dangerous presence within the NXT Universe, stating on numerous occasions that time is on his side and offering a very succinct message to all his opposition: “Run!”

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WWE NXT is a professional wrestling television program produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which debuted on Syfy on February 23, 2010. Described as a hybrid between reality television and WWE's scripted live event shows, the premise of the show follows select talent contracted to WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in a competition to become a contracted member of the Raw roster with the help of mentors from WWE's Raw and SmackDown brands. Due to the movement of SmackDown from MyNetworkTV to Syfy in October 2010, NXT will leave Syfy at the same time of the changeover, with WWE currently looking to move the show to another channel.


WWE NXT pairs up eight wrestlers from WWE's existing Raw and SmackDown brands (dubbed "Pros") with talent from WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (dubbed "Rookies"). Each episode feature the Rookies being mentored by the Pros as they develop their characters and performance skills in front of a live audience. The pairings also enable the show to crossover into WWE's Raw and SmackDown programs. In addition to matches, weekly challenges were added after the seventh week of the season to further test the Rookies' physical and mental skills.

In various weeks, polls will be held between each of the Pros that will evaluate the success of each Rookie. Pros will vote for their favorite Rookie based on the following four criteria:
Win/loss record within the show
Strength of opponents
Work ethic
"It" factor

No Pro can vote for their own Rookie. The first poll was held six weeks into the competition, revealing the Rookie's current rankings. Six weeks after the first poll, a new poll was held where the lowest ranked Rookie was eliminated.

Subsequently, the lowest ranked will be eliminated weekly until three remain. The final three Rookies then appear on the season finale, where a final Pros' Poll will be held to determine the winner. On the May 4 episode, an "Immunity Pass" was rewarded for the winner of the weekly challenge. The Immunity Pass gives the winner immunity from elimination, and should they come last in the following poll, the person ranked directly above them is eliminated instead.

Outside of the Pros' Poll, Rookies can still be eliminated via an executive decision from WWE management. This was seen when the comments both from Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan, stating that they should be the ones to be eliminated respectively, prompted them both to be eliminated from the competition and disqualified from that night's Pros' Poll for a lack of confidence in themselves.

The ultimate prize for one of the Rookies at the end of the season is a contract to perform on the Raw brand as well as receiving a championship match at an unspecified pay-per-view against any champion of his choosing. (Credit: Wikipedia).




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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is engaged in the development, production and marketing of television programming and live events and the licensing and sale of branded consumer products featuring the World Wrestling Entertainment brand.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is an integrated media and entertainment company, principally engaged in the development, production and marketing of television programming, pay-per-view programming and live events, and the licensing and sale of branded consumer products featuring our highly successful World Wrestling Entertainment brand. WWE is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WWE. (Credit: WWE).


Television programs

WWE runs three major television programs each week. Each show has their own cast of wrestlers. WWE calls these casts brands. RAW is WWE's main show and has ran on Monday nights since 1993. SmackDown! has been running since 1999. It used to be on Thursday nights but moved to Friday in 2005. ECW is a program that started in 2006. ECW is based on the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) company that ran from 1993 until its bankruptcy in 2001.

Once or twice every month, WWE produces a pay-per-view event. These events have more important matches. The biggest pay-per-view of the year for WWE is called WrestleMania. WrestleMania has run since 1985. (Credit: Wikipedia).



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