A day in the life of Natasha Oakley: Australia’s most famous bikini blogger

A day in the life of Natasha Oakley: Australia’s most famous bikini blogger - 6th August 2017

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Tash Oakley has one of the most enviable bodies (and jobs) in the world. Picture: Tash Oakley / Instagram

Edwina Carr-Barraclough news.com.au

TAKE one glance at Australian blogger Natasha Oakley’s Instagram feed and you’ll learn two things. Number one: The 27-year-old is constantly travelling to idyllic, tropical locations. And two: She’s quite partial to a bikini.

What’s not so easily spotted among the palm trees and tanned skin is the doggedly determined businesswoman who’s running several lucrative projects at once.

Once a Bronte Beach local, Oakley now spends her time travelling the world creating content for the A Bikini A Day blog she co-founded with friend and business partner Devin Brugman, dreaming up designs for their bikini line Monday Swimwear and athleisure offshoot Monday Active, carrying out duties for her recent appointment as first Australian Global Brand Ambassador for tanning company St. Tropez, collating her personal blog and more.

“I have a very strong work ethic, I always have, and sitting around idle really doesn’t do it for me,” she told news.com.au.

While social media might make it look like Oakley spends all her time lying on golden sand, she revealed that in reality a day in her life is, well, pretty busy.


“I wake up at about 7:30 and the first thing I do is go through my emails and make myself a coffee. After my emails are done, I do my @bodybygilles workout [A program by Oakley’s partner, personal trainer and model, Gilles Souteyrand].

It’s easier than people think to keep fit and healthy when travelling as hotels have a gym so it’s easy access (no excuses!) when it’s in the same building. In Hawaii, I loved trying stand up paddle boarding, it was so fun.”


“After that is breakfast and it’s usually a smoothie or a breakfast salad. Then I’ll get ready and shoot some content.”

10:00AM TO 12:00PM

“I’m in the office with my team ... Outside of my personal Instagram, I have my own personal blog, ongoing partnerships and collaborations, A Bikini A Day, and Devin and I’s brands Monday Swimwear and Monday Active. We only have a small team to work with and no management.

“For Monday Swimwear and Monday Active I run the social media, liaise with my team in our offices day and night, work on design and future collections, moderate samples, co-ordinate production and day to day operations and logistics, plan campaigns and content shoots, manage gifting, budgets. The list goes on and on. That company alone is a full time job.”

12PM TO 2:00PM

“I’m usually in meetings.”


“I grab a salad or sushi. My fave lunch at the moment is a salad with quinoa, kale, avocado and a delicious dressing! Can’t get enough.”


“I try to get my daily dose of sunshine at some point — which also involves working from my laptop and catching up on emails. I’m very passionate about what I do, so I don’t have a ‘clock in and clock out’ attitude. I’m constantly travelling, so liaising with my own team (let alone international teams I’m working with for campaigns) means I have to be flexible.
“Running your own business, you can’t just switch off after a shift and forget about what still needs to be done. I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas and new concepts for our brand and I love every second of it.”


“Dinner is usually fish and vegetables or salad. Sometimes I mix it up and will have ramen or Thai food, but I love my veggies!”


If I workout in the afternoon or evening, I always cool down with yoga. It’s great for a post-workout stretch but also for the silence. However, the real wind down at the end of the day starts with a bubble bath and my favourite playlist.

Afterwards, I love the new St. Tropez Self Tan Express Sheet Mask (available in Australia in September). I never tan my face in the sun, so I love using it the night before any shoots or interviews for a gorgeous glow.”


“I need my eight hours sleep — no more, no less. So I really try to be asleep by 10:00pm.
I’ll try to read before I sleep, but once I hit that pillow it doesn’t generally take long before I’m in dreamland.”

Edwina Carr Barraclough is a Sydney-based lifestyle writer and editor. You can see more from her on Instagram or Facebook.

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