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How to secure a career in makeup and bodyart, by Eva Rinaldi - 7th November 2010

As you have most likely heard, or even experienced, the makeup and bodyart business is one of the world's most competitive sub sectors of the larger entertainment, fashion and film industries.

For many young women, and an every growing amount of young men as well, a job or business enterprise in the often exciting and glamorous world of makeup is a dream come true.

With those facts covered at the beginning, I'm pleased to advise that dreams can and do often come true, for those who are willing to listen, learn and put in the hard work, assisted by just a tad of lady luck along the way. Positive attitude and embracing opportunities like work experience, and working with big name celebrities and brands, are also some key elements to turn the dream of working in makeup industry into a real life dream job. I know this is true, as I've been blessed to have my dream job and business for more than a decade, and if I can do it, you likely can too!

Another important consideration when pursuing a career in makeup and bodyart is your lifestyle choices and considerations. Whilst on the surface it can be seen as extremely glamorous and exciting, as is the case with many other careers in and around the entertainment and arts sector, there is usually a lot of hard work and long hours involved in order to be successful. It can also be a case of work hard, and countless invitations to celebrity parties and A-List events.

Firstly, focus on what you want in your life and career, and if you keep coming back to makeup themes, this is a good sign that you're on track. You will ideally be passionate about the industry, as some jobs and careers can be "too hard" to do if you're not. Makeup is one of those!

Next...get trained up. What I strongly recommend is that you do a short course by someone who has proven track record in the industry, give it all you have, and hopefully you will like it. This will give you a foundation to work upon. There's no point in enrolling for a makeup course that runs for 1 or 2 years, if you're not even sure its for you, plus you may even lose interest over the course duration, with little or no recourse to reclaim your financial investment. The traditional crawl - walk - run method is much smarter, lower risk, less stress and quite likely, more fun. Many of the world's leaders in various professions adopted the crawl - walk - run approach, and this enabled them to get by while chasing their dreams and aspirations, but at the same time, not getting in over their heads or putting all of their eggs in one basket.

From my career experience, ranging from student to teacher, and later, leading Australian makeup and bodyartist, more often than not, the step-by-step approach makes much more sense on many levels. As they say, I wish I knew 10 years ago, what I know now. But, success is often a case of trial and error, and I encourage others to embrace the experiences - both failures and successes, keep learning, and have fun. Fun, passion, work ethic and focus will help you achieve your personal and professional goals and aspirations.

A couple of very useful tips in deciding where you will receive your training include word of mouth / recommendation, testimonials, value for money and geographic location. My company, Human Statue Bodyart, currently teaches in 3 different locations in Sydney, with plans for expansion on the way. We're told that we offer a fantastic introduction course, and offer the right mix of hands on - practical, and theory. We approach things holistically, and one important aspect of our courses is that we provide numerous work experience opportunities on some great assignments, ranging from film, fashion and editorial, and perhaps you've even heard a thing of two about some of our current professional campaigns including but not limited to 'Let's Paint Oprah' and 'Avatars Invade Sydney Suburbs'.

Another important aspect is the need to use quality products. If you want to be the best, you need to associate with the best, and use the best materials. For makeup products and brushes we recommend MAC.

So, if you're after the right training, value for money, experience that actually means something, and of course fun, you've come to the right place.

Those who are interested to learn more we invite you to visit our official website and blog at

I wish you well with your life and career goals and aspirations, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Eva Rinaldi
Human Statue Bodyart


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