Eco and sustainability warriors meet up and collaborate; Black and white dream for Planet Earth

Eco and sustainability warriors meet up and collaborate; Black and white dream for Planet Earth, by Greg Tingle

Marketing eco sustainability in #theneweconomy

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There's a lot talk out there about sustainability, eco business and business and marketing for the greater good of society and Mother Earth.

Every fortnight over a dozen Sydney based sustainability and eco business minded people meet up in cafes to discuss and nut out sustainable solutions for the planet from both a spiritual and business minded perspective.

Group founder and organiser, eco entrepreneur, Ian Foote says "We only want the true believers, however we know that sometimes it take people a little white to full grasp that the world needs big changes to ensure the sustainability of the universe, starting with Planet Earth."

Mr Foote enjoys a background in hotels and tourism and his decade plus of experience in and around the sector opened his eyes and mind to sustainability for the world as well as for business, with ethics and eco considerations in business good for everyone.

"Our meetings and network, both live events and online, has enjoyed considerable growth in the past few months. We have over 40 live event members and are attracting over 60,000 hits per month to the Green 2 Stay sustainability network. Partnering up and collaborating with other entities such as Media Man Australia, MeetUp and generating some mainstream media attention has really helped our bottom line, business development and our own sustainability' says Mr. Foote.

"Technology platforms such as websites, social media databases, and the Google Pixel phone enabled apps help us with our organisation, project management, thru to events and even selling a range of eco friendly products such as t-shirts and caps."

Mr Foote continues..."What's the biggest eco room in the world? - Room For Improvement"!

The group expects their Eco Outback and Eco Ocean Tours to be fully operational before year end and communications with a number of councils and tourism bodies has commenced. A few of the groups Sydney based members also have bus, truck, boating and diving licenses which helps qualify them to actually operate the eco tours.

The group is quick to point out that there's a lot of fads and latest greatest things in the world at the moment, ranging from cryptocurrencies to tulips mark 2 et al, but Mother Earth, sustainability, eco based business and eco tourism is not a fad.

A group member who choose to remain anonymous said "Apps and robots will not be taking over the environment and sustainable business and life philosophies - we won't let them. There's nothing quite like nature, be it the ocean or the bush. We are pro active business - business which is ethical and sustainable. One of our prominent group members who has politely declined to be named has strong lines of communication to the likes of Richard Branson, Andrew 'Twiggy" Forest, David Suzuki and Al Gore. If you research our group members you will see the relationships and track record of success with some business heavy hitters is very real".

Group members have a vast background of skills and experience including tourism, media, product design, government policy implementation, creative arts, hospitality and technology.

If you would like to come along to a future Sustainability meet up in Sydney click here. You can also read more about the group projects here

*The writer is a Marketing Eco Sustainably in #theneweconomy and Green2Stay team member and associate