Heidi and the hunks: Klum shows off her undies in Bondi

Heidi and the hunks: Klum shows off her undies in Bondi - ELLE HALLIWELL FASHION EDITOR 26th anuary 2015


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Heidi Klum launches her Intimates underwear range at Bondi Icebergs which includes designs for men and women. Picture: Richard Dobson

Kangaroos, the Harbour Bridge and Vegemite on toast — supermodel Heidi Klum has embraced the Australia Day long weekend with an Aussie trifecta.

“This morning I was surprised with the Cherry Ripes, the Tim Tams and I had Vegemite on toast and the sausage rolls,” she told The Daily Telegraph at Sydney’s famous Bondi Icebergs.

The stunning Heidi Klum has ‘hit the ground running’ since arriving in Australia. Picture: Richard Dobson


“This time around I enjoyed (Vegemite) more than the last time I had it and I think its because they put it on too thick. It was perfectly toasted, butter with just a little bit of Vegemite. I was like wow either my tastebuds had changed or maybe they did it better this time because I remember last time it was smothered with it and was very strong and different and I’d never had it before but this time I liked it.”

Klum is in Australia to launch her men’s and women’s underwear lines. Wearing local label, Bec & Bridge, yesterday, she mingled with guests including Jessica Gomes, Wipp, Kyly and Michael Clarke.

Klum “hit the ground running” after landing in Sydney on Sunday morning.

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